Anji Eco Project Review – $ANJI Presale (IDO) on DxSale

Anji Eco aims to build a comprehensive DeFi ecosystem. $ANJI is a new token on BSC. Let’s look in detail

anji eco

Token Info

Project name: Anji Eco

Ticker/Symbol: ANJI

Contract address: 0xfc619FfCc0e0F30427BF938f9A1B2BfAE15bDf84

Network: Binance Smart Chain (BSC)

Total supply: ANJI

Launchpad: DxSale


Presales always have some risks. Please DYOR (do your own research)

Liquidity Lock Rate70% BNB raised,
until 6 May 2022
Softcap250 BNB
Hardcap500 BNB
Min-Max Spend per Accountmin 0,5 BNB- max 3 BNB
Presale price9.000.000 ANJI per BNB
Listing price8.100.000 ANJI per BNB
Audit (by Techrate)
KYC( by
Start6 Nov 2021 at 08:00  UTC
End13 Nov 2021 at 07:59 UTC

Token Distribution

For presales45%
Liquidity pool25%
For migrate/upgrade-SafePanda20%


  • KYCed by
  • Live DeFi products( Swap, staking, etc)
  • Not just basic swap, AnjiSwap has its own AnjiRouter to make swapping possible and to replace PancakeSwaps. This generates income for Anji holders.
  • Audited by Techrate( report)
  • ANJI has utulity

About the team

  • Anonymous. The founder passed KYC, check

From White/Lite Paper

What is ANJI Token?

Serving as the economic center of AnjiEco and the vital support for growth. The growth of the ecosystem directly rewards holders and financially aids non-profit organizations around the world.


BNB rewards are distributed to holders, ready to claim in real-time. These rewards are generated in several ways.

  1. 2% of each swap is distributed to holders, ready to be claimed.
  2. The fees from our dApps. 33% of all generated income for the use of our dApps within the ecosystem. AnjiSwap, for example, has its own AnjiRouter to make swapping possible and to replace PancakeSwaps. This generates income for Anji holders.
  3. The rewards generated planned in the Anji Roadmap. 33% of all generated income through future dApps will also go to Anji holders.

Utility of $ANJI Token

Claim & Reinvest

With ANJI and BNB, we aim to help users increase their values through the token economy. Holders can use the earned BNB to reinvest and buy more ANJI with an additional 5%, or to swap it for other tokens in the ecosystem.


Holders can stake up to 50% of their total ANJI balance in our custom staking pool. 


AnjiSwap uses our special router to replace the routers that exist on other platforms like PancakeSwap. The holder will have these fees reduced when holding above 100.000 ANJI.

Transaction/tax fee is 10%:

  • 3%: Auto liquidity
  • 3%: BNB rewards
  • 2%: AnjiPool Charity
  • 2%: Anji Foundation

Click for more detail about Anji Eco

Note: The Anji team previously ran the SafePanda project. With ANJI, they plan to build a much more comprehensive DeFi ecosystem. Below you can see the work the team has done in the last 6 months:

  • SafePanda v1 launch
  • BMBO launch
  • SafePanda staking for Bamboo
  • AnjiSwap live
  • First partnership announced with World of Waves
  • BMBO staking for WOW
  • AnjiRouter live
  • RFG partnership
  • Upgrade from SPND to ANJI begin
  • ADM partnership
  • GENIUS partnership
  • 8bitDoge partnership
  • AnjiWidget
  • New Anji Website

It is easier to evaluate a project like ANJI. Because the team has run the SafePanda and Bamboo project before. The work of the team in this process is a very important indicator.

We see that the team continues to work and product development.

Do not confuse AnjiSwap with “Swap” that we see in many projects. A product with more advanced and different approaches. You can ask the team questions for technical explanations.

AnjiSwap has its own router AnjiRouter like Pancakeswap-PancakeRouter. With this feature, Anji will be able to generate income(fees) from each swap. 33% of these revenues will be distributed to ANJI holders.

The team has passed KYC. They have also a smart contract audit.

When we look at their previous projects, we can say the following:

  • The team is trying to develop the project
  • The team is more experienced now
  • The team consists of talented people

You should definitely research Anji Eco. You have to understand its ecosystem well.

After that, you likely think: It may be considered as a good medium and long-term investment.

Presale ended

500 BNB collected. It filled hardcap. Success

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