Artis Life Network Project Review – $ARTISp Presale (ILO) on Unicrypt

Artis Life Network is a “Cross-chain NFT distributor”. $ARTISp is a new token on Polygon(Matic). Let’s look deep dive into it.

Artis Life Network Project

Token Info

Project name: Artis Life Network

Ticker/Symbol: ARTISp

Contract address: 0x21D14A4c72d0e21aA41A75741eEBA370d27BD17f

Total supply: 50.000.000 ARTISp

Launchpad: Unicrypt Network(Quickswap)


Presales always have some risks. Please DYOR (do your own research)

Liquidity Lock Rate30% USDC raised liquidity lock
time: 11 months
ParticipationNot private
Softcap150.000 USDC
Hardcap300.000 USDC
Min-Max Spend per Accountmax 25.000 USDC
Presale price126,97445274 ARTISp / per USDC
Listing price126,97445274 ARTISp / per USDC
Audit(by solidproof)
KYC (by solidproof)
Startapprox: Sat 28 Aug 11:54 UTC
Endapprox: Sat 4 Sep 14:32 UTC

Fund Distribution

According to White Paper and the team’s explanation:

  • 30% USDC raised liquidity will add as ARTISp/USDC pair pool
  • 70% USDC raised liquidity will add as ARTIS/USDC pair pool

It is good

  • KYC and Doxxed team
  • Audit by solidproof, check report
  • 11 months liquidity lock duration
  • 100% liquidity lock rate(if team keeps promise)

About the team

  • The team disclosed their identity on website.
  • Core team consists of 3 person. Lead developer, Technical SEO writer, Marketing Manager
  • Adrian Valencia: Lead Developer, software engineer. He is experienced in software. He seems to have the skills to carry out the project.

From White/Lite Paper

ArtisLife Network uses the ARTISp token for presale. ARTISp is redeemable 1:1 for ARTIS through a 3-year vesting smart contract Artis Life Network Ecosystem.

Features of Artis Life Network

  • Scalable Distribution Model: Launching on Polygon Network for cheap and fast transactions. Bridge to Ethereum or BSC. Innovative minting method to spread out the costs of NFT minting.
  • ERC 777 token Standart: ARTIS token takes advantage of the latest ERC 777 features to allow for the best user experience and security. Say goodbye to Approve transactions!
  • ERC 1155 NFT Standart: Artis Life NFT Factory. ERC 1155 allows us to save gas costs by minting all NFTs from a single contract. Minting rights are distributed to stakers accordingly.

Artis Life Network Ecosystem

  • 1.NFT Distribution Model
    • 1.a NFT Farming: ArtisLife Network gives ARTIS Token holders an opportunity to stake their tokens for NFT rewards.
    • 1.b NFT Airdrops: ARTIS token holders are eligible for random NFT airdrops. There will be a small minimum balance required for each wallet to be eligible.
    • 1.c NFT Lottery: Lottery giveaway for one-of-a-kind NFT. Use ARTIS Token to buy tickets. Users guess 5 numbers and those will be their lottery numbers. Winning ticket numbers will be randomly generated once a week by Chainlink Random Generator.
  • 2. Governance DAO: It will propose changes to the network and the ARTIS token holders will vote to reject or implement the changes
  • 3. ARTIS Lending: ArtisLife Network will feature an in-house collateralized lending protocol that allows borrowing of ARTIS tokens with a variable interest rate.
  • 4.ARTIS One-Click Swap: ArtisLife users can swap tokens by simply interacting with our wrapper smart contract and it will submit the swap to 1inch for the user
  • 5. NFT & ARTIS Bridge: After a successful launch on Polygon Network, we will open our bridge to other networks for both ARTIS tokens and NFTs minted on ArtisLife Network. The first network we will bridge to is the Ethereum Mainnet. A
  • 6.Network Revenue Model & Fee Distribution: The revenue will be used for activities such as development and marketing. A significant portion of the proceeds will be burned.

For more detailed info, please read the Artis Life Network White Paper.

Artis Life Network will operate in the rapidly growing NFT field.

About tokenomics: Token allocation for presale+liquidity(Quickswap)+fee=100%. The team doesn’t hold any ARTISp.

ARTISp is redeemable 1:1 for ARTIS through a 3-year vesting smart contract Artis Life Network Ecosystem. ArtisLife Network’s native token is ARTIS. You can check White Paper for ARTIS token distribution and usage.

You can read the summary of the project above. But I still recommend reading the Artis Life Network’s White Paper.

Artis Life has both audit and KYC.

The project is well prepared. How the system will work is planned. $ARTIS aims to develop an NFT-based and wide-ranging ecosystem.

They will provide an easier and simpler user experience for artists.

Artis Life will burn some of its revenues from the platform. This will create a deflationary effect on ARTIS token.

The project was prepared in a professional way. Do not confuse ARTIS with meme coins on the market. “Alpha DApp” is live on Artis Life website, you should check it.

The team looks professional. They know what they’re doing. It can be considered for medium and long term investment.

As with any project, you need to trust the team.

I would definitely recommend checking out this project.

Presale ended

7747 USDC was collected from 21 participants. It didn’t reach softcap. Failed.

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