Billionaire Coin $BILL Project Review-Presale(ILO) on Unicrypt

Teamstokenomics and technical reviews about the Billionaire Coin Project $BILL ILO/IDO are in this article.

They describe themselves:

BILLIONAIRECOIN aims to bring the best Cross-chain Launchpad experience to the Crypto Market, guaranteeing maximum transparency and fairness to the community.

Launchpad AMM: PancakeswapV2

Contract address: 0x1D59c1B62AB2BBfc48BAA5cE57b304D111Bf37Dd


Presales have some risks. Please DYOR (do your own research)

Liquidity Lock Rate60% BNB raised liquidity lock
time: 11 months
Participationnot private
Softcap500 BNB
Hardcap2.000 BNB
Max Spend per Account1 BNB
Presale Price177.500.000 BILL / per BNB
Listing Price124.250.000 BILL / per BNB
Audit (by Techrate)
StartSat 22 May 19:45
EndSat 29 May 19:45

Total supply: BILL

it is good

  • Liquidity lock duration is 11 months
  • Listing price is higher than presale price
  • Audit(check report):
    • No high and medium severity issues
    • There is one low severity issue(out of gas)
    • Owner privileges:
      • Owner can change the tax and liquidity fee.
      • Owner can change the maximum transaction amount.
      • Owner can change exclude from the fee

it is not good

  • No KYC

About the team

  • Anonymous.

From White Paper

From the Lite Paper: As I understand, there is transaction fee. But it is uncertain.

  • Some part of transaction fee added liquidity pool.
  • Some part of transaction fee distributed holders.

About dev wallet: 33% of total supply was burned. Now, the team holds 16,2% of total supply. The team says that they will use it for marketing.

16% is not very big, but not a small percentage. If the team does not use these tokens carefully, it will negatively affect the price of BILL. In addition, locking some of the team tokens for a while will give investors confidence.

About transaction fee: There is transaction fee, but it is uncertain. We learn from the audit report that Owner can change transaction fee. This is not good for transparency. Also this privileges give much power to owner.

Investors and traders should know at what rate the transaction fee will be charged. And this transaction fee rate has to be predictable. Imagine waking up one morning and the BILL transaction fee went up to 30%. Nobody likes such surprises.

Presale ended.

1563 BNB collected. Reached softcap. success

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