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Teamstokenomics and technical reviews about the Totem project are here.

The way they describe themselves: “Smart NFT in DeFi. Totem NFT redefines the concept of yield generation in Decentralized Finance (DeFi). One of the main problems in DeFi protocols is the ridiculously high cost of Gas at Ethereum network. Totem technologies reducing the friction of smart-contracts interaction using Non-fungible tokens (NFT). Now users don’t need to spend Gas for Stake, Unstake, or Claim rewards. And don’t need to hold ERC20 tokens in the wallet to earn rewards.”

Launchpad AMM: Sushiswap


Pre-Sale has some risks. Like minting, proxies and developer abandonment. Please DYOR (do your own research)

Liquidity Lock % 100 ETH raised liquidity lock
Lock duration: 265 years
ParticipationOpen to anyone
Softcap50 ETH
Hardcap700 ETH
Max Spend per Account20 ETH
Presale Price1.864,30285714 TEM / per ETH
Listing Price1.864,30285714 TEM / per ETH
StartFri 2 Apr 11:49
EndFri 16 Apr 11:49

Total Supply: 4.316.539 TEM

Totem’s link:

Short Reviews:

it is good:

it is not good:

  • No KYC
  • Presale price and listing price are same.

About the team:

  • She/he calls himself “saito”. Anonymous

From White Paper:

  • There isn’t specificially called “White Paper”.
  • After Medium and other research:
    • There are two kinds of tokens in Totem Finance:
    • TEM (fungible ERC20 tokens, Max supply: 4,316,539 TEM)
    • TOTEM (Non-fungible tokens, Max supply 100 TOTEM).

They have an assertive promise. They say they will find a solution to the high gas price for ERC721 tokens.
If we knew the history of the project owner and the work he has accomplished, we would have better guesses that he could bring this project to life.

Presale ended.

5,4 ETH collected. Softcap was 50 ETH. failed.

2 thoughts on “Totem – Presale

  1. 1. The system fully works, all parts launched and audited. We just waiting IDO (ILO) successed. Because system will be activated automaticly once there is at least one Totem NFT holder in the network (you can see that at this moment circulating supply of Totem NFT = 0). Totem NFT distribution will started when TEM will distributed (only TEM tokens accepted to buy TOTEM NFT during the auction). It’s innovative mechaniсs that has been implemented by @devsaito from scratch.
    2. Totem reducing the friction of smart-contracts interaction in DeFi using NFT (ERC721). What the main transactions in DeFi today? Stake, UnStake, Claim rewards. It cost very high Gas price. In Totem you dont need that transactions. You just hold Totem NFT. You dont need Gas ETH or ERC20 for that. Just hold NFT in your wallet to get rewards. Its first real use case for NFT in DeFi. We can scale this solution for other NFTs.. Its HUGE. Simple and Huge. Many users dont even understand full power of Totem NFT project on today. They see only “also one ICO” etc. But its not like other projects. Not “Template” token. Not copypasted. Its NEW Technology that was audited and the auditors were impressed with our solution.

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