BSCCROP Project Review- Presale (IDO) on BSCstarter

You find detailed analysis and review about $BSCCROP project in this article. It contains team, tokenomics and technical evaluations.

They describe themselves:

BSCCrop will provide the first freelance services ecosystem that will drive decentralized innovation and collaboration on the blockchain. 

Token Info

Project name: BSCCROP


Contract address: 0xC045fb5B3AE934a7f95679852eE598D79f268114

Token type: BEP20

Total supply: 20,935,781.150866 BSCCROP

Launchpad: BSCstarter


Presales have some risks. Please DYOR (do your own research)

Liquidity Lock Rate50% BNB raised liquidity lock
time: 365 days
Participationnot private
Softcap600 BNB
Hardcap1188 BNB
Max Spend per Account3 BNB
Presale Price0.0005700 BNB
Listing Price0.0005700 BNB
Audit (by Solid and Techrate)
KYC KYC by assure defi-check it
StartMay 24, 2021 16:00 PM GMT
EndMay 27, 2021 16:00 PM GMT

Distribution of token (According to their web site):

  • Public Sale: 10%
  • Private sale: 5%
  • Strategic sale: 2.5%
  • Liquidity:10%
  • Dev wallet/other: 72.5%

It is good

  • Audit
  • Smart contracts do not contain any high severity issues
  • liquidity lock duration is 365 days
  • KYC

It is not good

  • There are already 174 holders. it has made private sale.

About the team

According to their web site, team:

  • Damon Willis(CEO & Co-Founder): 10+ Years as Strategic Lead for multiple projects within the Public and Private sector
  • Bradley Gilbeaux(COO & Co-Founder): 10+ Years in software & analytics consulting in both the private and public sector.


From White Paper

  • Freelance Services Marketplace: BSCCrop will provide the first freelance services ecosystem that will drive decentralized innovation and collaboration on the blockchain. Current industry leaders such as Fiverr and Upwork charge fees ranging from 10%- 20%. Our BSCCROP platform will reduce fees down to 3% per project. 
  • Staking: BSCCROP protocol will allow users to stake BSCCROP token LPs through our dedicated Staking Dapp.
  • Token Launchpad
  • Farming

-Transaction fee 1%. It will burned.

Public sale+private sale+ strategic sale= only 17.5%. On the other hand Team tokens is 20%.

Marketing+advisors+ team tokens= 30% .

Looking at the ratios above, I can say that the liquidity of BSCCROP may be weak.

They aim to establish a Freelance services marketplace. Their difference from major competitors will also be their low charge fees.

It takes a lot of effort to enter and be successful in an area with strong competitors. In addition, they should attract not only service providers but also service seekers to the site. We know that this is not easy at all.

The team declared their identity on website. Team also KYC’ed by a website. These are very positive indicators.
When we look at the background that the team has, we see a solid experience.

If team members share their accounts such as linkedin, investors can see how much experience they have.

If you believe the team will realize this project, you can consider investing.

Presale ended

1001 BNB collected. Reached softcap. Success

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