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  • Ocean Keeper $OCK

    Ocean Keeper $OCK

    “Save the Sea to See the Future” Our vision Overfishing, poaching and environmental waste has destroyed our marine populations and polluted our seas. Our oceans and its inhabitants are dying […]

  • Djin Finance $DJX

    Djin Finance $DJX

    Project Name: Djin Finance Symbol: DJX DJX is an ERC/BEP20 Token that allows you to mint, and stake, your DJX inside an NFT (DJY). The DJY NFT is called a […]

  • Scorpion


    Project Name: Scorpion Symbol: SCORPION $SCORPION is a meme token that is 100% community driven. We focus on long-term value and provide convinience for each holder. We were created from […]