Chihuahua In Space Project Review – $CIS Presale (IDO)

Chihuahua In Space is a meme coin with play-to-earn game . $CIS is a new token on BNB chain. Let’s deep dive into it.

$CIS Token is created to Play And Earn In the first and only Chihuahua game. Collect Baby Chihuahuas and Earn for saving each of them. 

Token Info

Token name: Chihuahua In Space

Ticker/Symbol: CIS

Contract address: 0x8Fd6f1DC5F151311Ea08C6903Ae1e4a7de10e36d

Network: BSC/BNB Chain

Total supply: 500.000.000.000 CIS

Launchpad: PinkSale


Presales always have some risks. Please DYOR (do your own research)

Pancakeswap Liquidity Lock Rate60% BNB raised
lock duration: 365 days 
Softcap100 BNB
Hardcap200 BNB
Min-Max Spend per Account0,2 BNB – 2 BNB
Presale price1 BNB = 843.900.000 CIS
Listing price1 BNB = 843.900.000 CIS
Initial Market Cap (estimate)$89.267
Presale vestingNo vesting
Start2022.09.20 15:00 UTC
End2022.09.21 15:00 UTC

Token Distribution

Reward pool21%locked

CIS’s links:


  • KYCed by
  • Audit, check report
  • SAFU badge on pinksale
  • Ready game, check Android version
  • Experienced team

About the team

  • Anonymous. The team has passed KYC, check

From White/Lite Paper

Earn by playing the game! Stake your tokens to increase their amount in the Chihuahua space station, aka Staking pools!

Fight versus other players in the leaderboard to claim token rewards! Expand the game together with the community and increase its worth! Find the Dark Lord and get a special reward!

Gameplay Story

A Chihuahua Mothership hospital flew from planet Earth, but a terrible thing happened, The Dark Lord Chihuahuha attacked it, and the ship crashed into the black hole. Baby Chihuahuas scattered across Space. Chihuahua Heroes must fly across the universe to find all baby Chihuahuas and save them.

You should read White Paper for more info.

Chihuahua In Space is a meme coin with play to earn game utility.

The game is ready. It is on Google Play Store. According to team statement, they have been waiting for Apple approval for iOS version.

The team has passed KYC. They also have smart contract audit and SAFU badge on Pinksale.

So ready product and safe contract. It seems a good opportunity.

Don’t forget to check it out.

(Not Financial Advice)

Presale end

It raised 200 BNB. Fileld hardcap. Success


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