Chips Squad KYC Verification – $CHIPS Presale (IDO) on PinkSale

As team, we have conducted a KYC process with the $CHIPS team members.

Chips Squad team members have passed KYC verification process.

Chips Squad KYC Verification - $CHIPS Presale (IDO) on PinkSale

Project Information

Project Name: Chips Squad

Ticker/Symbol: CHIPS

Network: BSC (Binance Smart Chain)

Launchpad: PinkSale




For presale details (like date, price, caps, etc), you should join the Chips Squad Telegram group.

Chips Squad scammed people. We have disclose their identities and filed a criminal complaint.
Please read for more info about this incident: Chips Squad $CHIPS Incident

What is KYC Service?

During the KYC process, the identities of the team members and their connection to the project were determined.

Team members provided important documents for these determinations.

What does it mean?

KYC mainly aims to protect investors against scam-rug pull.

If team members scam people:

  • We will file a criminal complaint against them in the country they are in with the documents they provide to us.
  • We will reveal their identities.

To investors: If you think a project that has passed our KYC process is a scam or rug pull, let us know. Please also explain why you think so. Our team will review your submissions and, if true, will reveal the identity of the project owners.

The fact that a project passes KYC service does not mean that we approve and recommend that project. The KYC service includes the identification of the project owner. Therefore, this service will assist the decision-making process of investors. Please DYOR.

Chips Squad Project

No fake taxes, Yes NFTs!

A New Concept to the Existing Reward Tokens which is no more working since they are hard to trade with profit because of their uncompensated high taxes, actually Fake Takes.

Grab your NFT Cards, trade them in the market and multiply your rewards by holding!

CHIPS SQUAD is a BEP20 token with low taxes and beautiful NFTs created by talented designers, expert blockchain devs, and marketed by gurus.

What makes the Chips Squad different from others?

The idea is to separate the rewarding system from the main token contract with the NFTs. Holding $CHIPS will give you rewards and on the other hand, you will get more $CHIPS the more and rare NFTs you hold.

You mint your NFT Cards, trade them in the market and multiply your rewards. The mechanics are unique which encourage buy pressure on both NFT Market and $CHIPS.

There will be 99 Rarities with 999 standard NFT Cards and 33 Special Cards which will be minted randomly. The More HP one owns, gets more allocation in the NFT Market Trading Pool which directly gets rewarded in $CHIPS.

For example: 25 Kip Cards with 1HP has the Same Power as 1 Taco Card with 25HP.

NFT Market?

The Holders will be able to trade them with each other in the NFT Market. If they want to upgrade their cards, they can sell and buy a more powerful one.

These cards will be available to be minted at the launch giving everybody a fair chance. It is basically like a game of Playing Cards, but without Forcing You to Play some Random “Stupid” Games.

NFT Market will be available from the launch.


Name: Chips Squad

Symbol: $CHIPS

Type: BEP20


Transaction/tax fee:

  • 2% $CHIPS Buy Tax
    • 1% Liquidity
    • 1% to $CHIPS Holders
  • 5% $CHIPS Sell Tax
    • 1% Liquidity
    • 2% to $CHIPS Holders
    • 1% NFT Holders
    • 1% Marketing
  • 10% NFT Trading Fee
    • 8% NFT Holders
    • 2% Marketing

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