Crypto Marketing & Promotion Service

Even if you have a very good project or product, if you don’t promote it enough, you will fail. This rule is much more valid for the crypto space.

Every day, dozens or hundreds of projects are making presales on different blockchains. Every project strives to reach investors.

The crypto marketing space is really tough. There are many scammers. There are a lot of Twitter accounts, and Telegram channels/groups, especially full of bot accounts. This is a very problematic area for project owners.

Why should you choose 🤔

We are marketing partner of GemPad and Kommunitas launchpads.

High success rate: The success of a project depends on many factors. Promotion is one of these factors. Over 85% of the projects which we promoted were able to collect funds successfully.

High SEO rank: operates in the field of crypto presales. It both introduces new projects and offers different services. Our website is in a perfect place in terms of SEO. Real investors visit it.

Real investors: We don’t have visitors that are bloated and meaningless like mini listing/vote sites.

Bot-free social media accounts: Our main social account is Telegram Channel. Twitter, Reddit, Telegram Channel/group, Discord and Facebook accounts are bot free.

Email subscribers: In addition, we have thousands of email subscribers who want to receive information about new projects.

Reliable platform: We always try to promote reliable and profitable projects to our audience. In this way, we create a useful option for both investors and project owners.

What country is the audience & community from?

Our website has visitors from almost every country. On a country basis, most visitors are from the USA.

European countries (UK, Turkey, Germany, etc) follow. We also have visitors from Asian (India, Indonesia, Philippines, etc) and African(Nigeria, etc) countries.

Promotion packages

Silver Package

  • Telegram Channel post
  • Telegram group post-pinned
  • Twitter Post
  • Reddit post
  • Email marketing to 3000+ subscribers
  • Add it to IDO-NFT Calendar

The fee is 400$

Golden Package

  • Organic review/article
  • Telegram Channel post
  • Telegram group post-pinned
  • Twitter Post
  • Reddit post
  • Email marketing to 3000+ subscribers
  • Add it to IDO-NFT Calendar

The fee is 500$

AMA Package

  • Voice AMA on Telegram Channel
  • Telegram Channel post:2 times
  • Telegram group post-pinned: 2 times
  • Twitter Post: 2 times
  • Reddit post
  • Email marketing to 3000+ subscribers
  • Add it to IDO-NFT Calendar

The fee is 600$

IDO-NFT Calendar

To add your presale or launch: 30$


Top banner: 200$/weekly

If you use one of the promotion packages above, you can get a 50% discount from our marketing partners. Here are our marketing partners:👇

DexAlert App

Most watched section:

  • 24 hours: 30$, 15$
  • 3 days: 60$, 30$
  • 1 week: 100$, 50$
  • 1 month: 300$, 150$

Check DexAlert app

There are lots of options. Check it out here.

If you choose one of’s promotion packages, you can get a 50% discount from

Promotion Options


The AMA (Ask Me Anything) event is a useful and highly preferred method. We hold AMAs on to our Telegram channel.

We do both voice and text AMA at the same time. Thus, we can attract the attention of more investors to the project.

Organic Article/Review

An article that reviews the project in detail. Articles are published on our homepage. They remain on our website even after the presale is over. Investors researching your project, especially after launch, will find this article.

Because has the best SEO in presales. So it ranks high in search engines.

It is a much more effective and long-lasting promotion option compared to tweets or Telegram posts that lose their effect shortly after being shared.

IDO – NFT Calendar

A calendar where investors can track presales.

Social Media Promotion

Our main social media are Telegram channel and Twitter, but we also have Reddit, Discord, and Facebook accounts.



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