Crypto Payment Escrow Service

As the most trusted KYC provider in the crypto space, we started offering the much-needed “Crypto Payment Escrow Service”. This is the first Escrow Service in crypto. A system that guarantees that you receive services in exchange for your payments.

We supervise the implementation of the service-fee agreement between the project owners/customers and the service provider.

What problem are we solving?

Everyone knows that there are many scammers who abuse anonymity in the Crypto space. Many project owners lose thousands of dollars.

We offer a scam-proof guarantee for both project owners/customers and service providers.

What is our Escrow Service?

As a reliable 3rd party, especially in agreements made for marketing and other services, we ensure that the terms of the agreement are implemented.

Only agreements that can be objectively audited are within the scope of this service. We do not measure the effectiveness and efficiency of the service.

e.g. The parties agree to post on a Telegram channel. If the post is published on the Telegram channel in the deal, the condition is fulfilled. The fee is paid to the service provider. The purchaser of the service cannot want a refund, claiming that the post is not effective.

The Escrow service does not measure whether the services are effective or not. Agreements with conditions that can be measured objectively (article, post, tweet, etc.) can benefit from this service.

How does it work?

Step 1: The parties agree among themselves.

Step 2: The terms of the agreement should be objective and auditable.

Step 3: The fee determined by the agreement is deposited into the IDOPresales Escrow Service account by the customer.

Step 4: We determine whether the terms of the agreement are fulfilled.

Step 5:  The fee is transferred to the account of the service provider.

If the service provider does not fulfill the terms of the agreement, the fee is refunded to the customer.


100$Simple deals, up to $5000 worth
250$Detailed deals, up to $5000 worth
250$Simple deals, worth over $5000
500$Detailed deals, worth over $5000



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