Da Game Project Review

Da Game is building P2E game, mini-game, music NFT marketplace, etc. $Kash is a new token on Polygon. Let’s deep dive into it.

Da Game is a black-owned crypto project for gamers, musicians, artists, and hustlers!

Da Game

Token Info

Token name: Kash

Ticker/Symbol: Kash

Contract address: 0xbC2c3F3AefDbe28bEe0e29fABC6Df860903A4843

Network: Polygon

Total supply: Kash


Presales always have some risks. Please DYOR (do your own research)

Liquidity Lock RateTBA
Min-Max Spend per AccountTBA
Presale priceTBA
Listing priceTBA
Initial Marketcap(estimated)TBA
Presale vestingTBA
KYC(by idopresales.com)

Token Distribution

Development/ marketing10%
Da Game Bank/ P2E20%


  • KYCed by idopresales.com
  • Audit, check report
  • Doxxed team
  • Registered company in the USA
  • Token Utility

About the team

  • There are 4 core team members who live in the USA.

From White/Lite Paper

Da Game is a black-owned crypto project for gamers, musicians, artists, and hustlers! We want to introduce Black and Brown people into this space that would not normally join this space.

We want to help people who have been affected and who have had their families affected by the justice system and the “war on drugs.”

The tokens that power Da Game ecosystem are Benjamins and $Kash:

$Kash is the polygon-based native token used in Da Game. These tokens will be used in all manner of game economics; posting bail, market purchases, gambling, and as rewards for successful laundering, future mints and more.

$Kash will also be used to purchase $Benjamins, the in-game-only currency of Da Game. Our goal is to create a strategic in-game ecosystem that rivals the true narco world of making and cleaning money.

While $Kash acts as a bridge between the game world and the real world and has many uses, Benjamins will be used for laundering, black market purchases, avatar upgrades, bribing LEO’s and more. Users will be able to purchase Benjamins directly using $Kash as well as receive it as reward.


Da Game NFT’s collection is composed of five NFT types: Syndicate, Land, Transport, Distribution, and Laundering. Each with a game-area focus and unique set of traits and rarities, the NFT collection allows you to grow your empire and ascend to your rightful place as King Pin.

Da Game (Full Game) Loosely based of 80’s calculator cult-classic, “Drug Wars,” Da Game is a turned-based strategy centered on producing narcotics, smuggling, packaging and distributing, and laundering money all within the cryptoverse. Make connections, carve out a niche as a master smuggler, narco, or build an entire empire and become a kingpin!

3D AVATAR: Each account can create a free customizable 3D Metaverse Ready AVATAR. This is your ticket to the Avatar marketplace, access to Mini-games, the main game, and entire ecosystem. Creators can also sell their products within the avatar marketplace such as wearables backed by the real-world asset: Buy a watch in the marketplace and receive the physical watch irl.

Mini Games(s): Da Game will feature mini-games that are ingrained in street culture. The first mini-game featured is street dice and players will be able to gamble utilizing Benjamins and the $Kash token.

Music, Juke Box, and Marketplace: Artists can mint and sell Music and/or Music Videos as NFTs. An NFT Video Player with in-game integration allows players to play Da Game with original music playing in the background. Featured music nfts will provide in-game bonuses and boosts, providing increased utility to our music ecosystem. Artists can also engage fans and the community in minigames, music promotions, and custom collectibles.


The co-founders of Da Game LLC are passionate about social justice are dedicated to engaging with those affecting by the war on drugs. A percentage of the NFT Profits will be allocated for organizations and programs that reduce unjust incarcerations, assist persons currently incarcerated, and those transitioning out of incarcerations stemming from drug related crimes.

Features of $Kash Token

The tax fee is: 8%

  • 3% Operational
  • 3% Marketing pool
  • 2% Liquidity

Please read White Paper for more info.

The most important difference of the Da Game project is that it has a mission. Strive to achieve social justice.

Because of this mission, some influencers started to support the project voluntarily. This is a very important indicator.

In addition, the game and ecosystem (NFTs, Music NFT Marketplace, Mini games, etc) are being developed.

The team has passed idopresales.com KYC. Team members are doxxed and live in America. The main idea and purpose of this project can attract many people.

You should definitely check out this project.

(Not Financial Advice)

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