DxSale v4: Overflow and Fairlaunch Sale Types

DxSale is an innovative company. It was a pioneer in the Decentralized Launchpad. The DxSale, which has been silent for a while, is back again with its v4 update.

There are innovations such as user interface improvements. However, we will dive into the newly added Sale Types. Fairlaunch and Overflow

1- Fairlaunch Sale Type

Pinksale and Gempad have Fairlaunch Sale Type too. DxSale has it now. There isn’t hardcap and max contribution. There is only softcap. the project can raise funds without limit.

2- Overflow Sale Type

DxSale only has this type of sale. There are similar features to “Subscription Presale” in Pinksale.

Is there a difference between “Pinksale Subscription” and “DxSale Overflow”?

Yes, there is. Subscription type has max contribution. E.g.:

A subscription presale has a 4 BNB max contribution limit, and 200 BNB hardcap. If an investor put 100 BNB in a subscription presale, he can take a maximum of 4 BNB worth token.

B overflow presale has 200 BNB hardcap and no max contribution limit. If an investor put 100 BNB in the overflow presale, he can take a maximum of 100 BNB worth token.

So teams can easily create fake hype with Subscription presale. But it is not easy to create fake hype in the “Overflow presale”, it must be real hype.

Overflow has softcap and hardcap. But there is no “max contribution”. If the raised funds exceed the hardcap, the tokens allocated to overflow will be distributed in proportion.

Any extra funds are returned in equal proportions to all contributors.

Fairlaunch is riskier for investors because there is no hardcap.

Overflow is better than fairlaunch because it has a hardcap. In addition, a proportional distribution will be made in case of a request over the hardcap. In this way, it will allow good projects to gain hype.

There are also very useful tools like DxMint. If you produce token using DxMint, you don’t have to pay money for Audit. DxSale provides many free promotions to KYCed projects.

Use the referral code when you create a presale, fairlaunch or overflow and get discount. The referrral code: IDOPRSL

In addition, they started a discount campaign at Jan 5 for 1 month. List, Lock and Mint are free for 1 month. As idopresales.com, we offer 50% discount for KYC fee.


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