Dynamis Finance Project Review – $DYNA Presale (ILO) on Unicrypt

Dynamis Token $DYNA is a new token on Polygon (Matic) Network. Dynamis Finance is a DEX (decentralized exchange) running on the Polygon Network. Let’s take a closer look.

Token Info

Project name: Dynamis Token

Ticker/Symbol: DYNA

Contract address: 0x106495D74B346978fa399Ce882bADEdfc1477191

Network: Polygon (Matic)

Total supply: 5.000.000 DYNA

Launchpad: Dynamis Finance website


Presales always have some risks. Please DYOR (do your own research)

Liquidity Lock Rate60% MATIC raised liquidity lock
time: 11 months
ParticipationNot private
Softcap80.000 MATIC
Hardcap230.000 MATIC
Min-Max Spend per Accountmax 2.000 MATIC
Presale price11 DYNA / MATIC
Listing price8 DYNA / MATIC
Audit(by solidproof)
KYC (by solidproof)
Startapprox: Wed 1 Sep
Endapprox: Tue 7 Sep

Note: Dynamis Finance gave up to make presale on Unicrypt Network. They decided to make the presale on their own platform.

It is good

  • KYC
  • Audit by solidproof, check report
  • 11 months liquidity lock duration
  • Token utility

About the team

  • Anonymous.

From White/Lite Paper

A comprehensive revolutionary DeFi platform running on Polygon which has been built on power, potential, and ability.

Features of $DYNA Dynamis Token

  • Deflationary: Several features are implemented to ensure DYNA value can only go up, including automatic burning, anti-whale deterrent, and supply limitations.
  • Anti-whale: Transfers more than 0.5% (current ratio) of the total supply will be rejected. As the total supply grows, this ratio will be reduced.
  • Auto Compounding: When LP tokens are staked into our vaults, the smart contract deposits them into the underlying farms (e.g. PolyCat, PolyGaj, ApeSwap, Sushiswap) for rewards, and it will then automatically harvest and compound into more LP tokens for our users
  • Dymond Perks: This function ensures that holders of the DYNA token are continuously rewarded and benefit in various ways as the platform continues to evolve. You can use the platform without the token or hold the token to get discounts in Dymond perks
  • Transaction/tax fee is 4%:
    • 2%: burned
    • 1%: development wallet
    • 1%: added the liquidity pool

Dynamis Finance Ecosystem

  1. DEX: The Dynamis platform will also have a decentralized exchange (DEX) where DYNA holders can contribute liquidity to traders through the DYNA-MATIC pair and earn transaction fees from the pool.
  2. Farming: Different approaches to farming will accommodate investors looking to receive rewards on a short-term basis, a long-term basis, and even the more risk-averse investors looking to farm stable pairs
  3. Cross-Chain Bridging: With this capability, users will be able to swap assets between blockchains. We will support bridges between Binance Smart Chain (BSC), Ethereum (ETH), and Polygon (Matic)
  4. Launchpad:This mechanism will be used to build relationships and partnerships with other fundamentally sound projects

For more detailed info, please read the docs

Note: You must adjust the slippage rate above 4% while swapping $DYNA

Dynamis Token can have a wide usage area.

About tokenomics: Token allocation for presale+liquidity(Quickswap)+fee=80%. The team holds 20% (14,4% locked, 5,6% unlocked).

So only 5,6% of the total supply is unlocked. Dynamis Finance aims to create comprehensive DeFi platform (DEX, Farming, Launchpad). Therefore the team needs tokens for development. It seems fair distribution.

KYC and audit are very good indicators.

The Polygon network is one of the growing blockchains. You can see this when you look at the performance of the network’s native token MATIC.

Also, when we consider the growing NFT wave, we see that the Polygon is open to growth.

Visit the Dynamis Finance website and check the docs. You will see a well-prepared project.

The usage area of $DYNA will be wide (DEX, Farming, Launchpad, Cross-Chain Bridge).

Presale ended.

DYNA listed on Quickswap. Success

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