Eclipsimus Protocol (ESM) – Presale

The way they describe themselves: The best deflationary rebase Protocol


Pre-Sale has some risks. Like minting, proxies and developer abandonment. Please DYOR (do your own research)

Liquidity Lock % 60 BNB raised liquidity lock
Lock duration: 11 months
ParticipationOpen to anyone
Softcap40 BNB
Hardcap400 BNB
Max Spend per Account2 BNB
Presale Price1.600 ESM / per BNB
Listing Price1.440 ESM / per BNB
StartThu 1 Apr 19:57
EndThu 8 Apr 09:57

Total Supply: 1.000.000 ESM

Eclipsimus’s link:

Short Reviews:

it is good:

  • %60 liquidity lock, 11 months
  • Small dev. wallet

it is risky:

  • No audit
  • No KYC

From White Paper:

  • A full deflationary cycle which, in the beginning, will be multiple times per day and each cycle will burn 0.9% (9,000 Tokens) of the total token supply.
  • The second half of the cycle is called the Eclipsimus Shrink. Burn rate increases and the total supply burn accelerates, leading to a fast decrease of the supply
  • After 200 cycles, the Total Supply will be reduced down to 100,000.

There is no roadmap or something like this. Is the token valued by simply burning?

Think carefully before investing

Presale ended.

it has reached softcap. Collected 41,1887 BNB from 38 participants. Markets initialized.

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