What is the ILO(Presale) at Unicrypt?

ILO (Initial Liquidity Offering) is also known Presale. It is presales of the projects. The Launchpad is also fully decentralized, meaning that any project can host its presale on the platform. Click more info.

How can I participate a presale?

Step 1: if the presale is for whitelisted only, make sure you are eligible for the round. Click more info.

What are the advantages of participating in the presale?

The presale price will be lower than the listing price. Hence you can earn higher profits. Also, if the project is solid and continues, you can really earn a lot. Click more info.

What are the disadvantages of participating in the presale?

Any project can host its presale on the Unicrypt platform. Therefore, there are certain risks associated with decentralized presales that every investor should know about. Minting – Proxies – Developer Abandonment (rug). Click more info.

I participated in the pre-sale, when will I receive my token?

Your tokens will be held in the contract by system until the presale has completed. After the presale you can receive tokens.

If the presale fails, can I get my cryptocurrency (BNB, ETH, xDAi, etc.) back?

Participants can withdraw their (ETH, xDAi, BNB…) from the system.

What do Tokenomics parameters mean?

Each Presale (ILO) must lock between 30–100% of the raised currency as counter liquidity to the sale token. Softcap, Hardcap, Max Spend per Account, Presale Price, Listing Price. Click more info.

What does whitelist mean at presale?

Whitelist Presale is only available for those who have registered in the Whitelist.

What does Team Tokens/ Dev. Wallet Mean? What Should Be the Dev. Wallet Ratio?

Wallet refers to the tokens at the initiative of the team making the project. The team conducts marketing activities using this piece that it has allocated for itself. It covers the costs of the team. The other part remains as profit for the team… keep reading

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