Farm Grow Incident

What happened?

Farm Grow raised 273 BNB at a fairlaunch (2022.08.04-07) As you will see on the pinksale fairlaunch page, there wasn’t unlocked token.

As you can see in bscscan, a large number of tokens were created. (

These tokens were sold and LP was drained (

After the rug pull, we reached the project owner and requested a refund. The project owner refused and cut off communication.

Therefore, we publish the information of the scammer(Oleksandr Dereviankin). And we will file a criminal complaint against him in Ukraine, where he lives.


What did do?

1- Released the scammer info

2- Sent a report to Ukrainian police

3- We contacted BNB Chain to freeze the scammer’s wallet. Please support this tweet:

4- At the same time, we tried to inform the Ukrainian state officials about the situation as it betrayed Ukraine, which was trying to defend itself. Please support this tweet:

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