Gameology v2 Project Review – $GMYX Presale(ILO) on Unicrypt

The Gameology team will make a new token $GMYX. $GMYX is a new coin/token on BSC. Let’s look in detail.

Gameology is a decentralized platform for all gamers in the world


Token Info

Project name: Gameologyv2

Ticker/Symbol: GMYX

Contract address: 0x1dd813524E0a0f4a36965F24D13bD8a37E51D848

Token type: BEP20

Total supply: GMYX

Launchpad: Unicrypt Network(PancakeswapV2)


Presales always have some risks. Please DYOR (do your own research)

Liquidity Lock Rate80% BNB raised liquidity lock
time: 11 months
ParticipationNot private
Softcap400 BNB
Hardcap1.000 BNB
Min-Max Spend per Accountmax 4 BNB
Presale price4.000.000 GMYX / per BNB
Listing price3.000.000 GMYX / per BNB
Audit(by solidproof)
KYC (by solidproof)
Startapprox: Thu 5 Aug 17:21 UTC
Endapprox: Thu 19 Aug 17:21 UTC

Token Distribution

will be burned10%

It is good

  • KYC by solidproof
  • Audit by solidproof. Check report
  • 80% BNB raised liquidity lock rate
  • 11 months liquidity lock duration

About the team

  • The team is from Europe.

From White/Lite Paper

“Gameology is a decentralized platform for all gamers in the world! Play, fight in arenas, earn GMYX and spend them on the platform!”

Gameology Ecosystem

The G-Platform: Gameology is a “Decentralized Gaming Platform” first and foremost. Various activities can be performed “Play, Stream, Have a Chat, Fighting for Glory, Staking, Buying and Selling Items”

The Card Game: It is based on the duel between two or more participants who will have to pay a certain sum of GMYX.

The G-NFT: A NFT Shop implemented on the trading cards of game will be created within platform.

The G-Shop: One of Gameology’s goal is to sell hardware/software components, which can be purchased through GMYX or other cryptocurrencies.

The Stream: Gameology will develop its own streaming platform dedicated to all lovers of the genre.

You can read more detail in White Paper.

Features of GameologyV2

BNB/BUSD Reward: Holders will receive 7% of BNB / BUSD on each sale

Buyback System: For each sale(3%) and buy(5%) will be applied to buy GMYX to avoid excessive dumps.

  • Tax fee on buy is 5%:

5% : Buyback

  • Tax fee on sale is 10%:

7%: BNB rewards

3%: Buyback

As the name suggests, GameologyV2 creates its second token.

Gameology aims to be “Decentralized Gaming Platform”. The gaming area has a really large volume.

About GameologyV1 GMY: The team had rapid success early on. After that, things didn’t go as planned. Now they want to realize their projects with GMYX. We can evaluate this situation in 2 ways:

1-The team failed in their first project. They want to raise funds again with this second project. All they want is to collect money from us.
2-The team needs funds to develop the project. Their identities are known and they have KYC. They are not scammers. They really want to bring their projects to life.

I think option 2 is correct. Because:

  • If the team’s purpose was to raise funds, they wouldn’t reveal their identities and have KYC.
  • They would remain anonymous and try to raise funds by making a project under another name. As many scammers do
  • They care about their previous investors. This is an indication that they are not scammers.

In addition, we can say that the team now has experience in marketing and development.

The most fundamental point for GMYX: Can the team realize the project? For this, you can read the White Paper and ask questions to the team in Telegram group.

If you trust the team on this, it could be a good opportunity. Because we have seen the GAMER example in the recent past.

Presale Ended.

Collected 1000 BNB from 864 participants. It filled the hardcap. Success

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