GemPad Project Review – $GEMS Presale (IDO) on GemPad

GemPad is a IDO Launchpad. $GEMS will be the native token for their platform. Let’s deep dive into it.

Token Info

Project name: GemPad

Ticker/Symbol: GEMS

Contract address: 0x78Aae7e000Bf6FC98a6b717d5eC8Ef2bcd04F428

Network: BSC/BNB Chain

Total supply: 100.000.000 GEMS

Launchpad: GemPad


Presales always have some risks. Please DYOR (do your own research)

Liquidity Lock Rate70%
liquidity lock duration 180 days
Softcap250 BNB
Hardcap400 BNB
Min-Max Spend per Accountmin 0,1 BNB – max 1,5 BNB
Presale price90.000 GEMS per BNB
Listing price90.000 GEMS per BNB
Presale vestingno vesting
Start2022-04-19 17:00 UTC
End2022-04-21 17:00 UTC


  • Working product(launchpad)
  • Token Utility
  • Audit, check report

About the team

  • Anonymous.

From White/Lite Paper

GemPad is a frontline protocol for users and project-owners designed to help to launch their projects and tokens in the easiest way possible.

As an investor, you’ll be able to browse the many presales. We have crafted an all-in-one platform, providing users with numerous features that can be used with no coding requirements.

We offer an affordable, feature-rich launchpad with Whitelists, Liquidity Locks, KYC, Audits along with other options as well as incubator benefits for select, especially promising projects.

To easy distinguish between projects, we have come up with a system of tiers. The higher the tier, the safer and better a project is. Our tiers go from common to gold to platinum and lastly diamond.

Having a system of tiers makes us being able to be a launchpad for all projects, from the smallest ones to really big and already established ones. That is why we do not only offer presales but special sales as well.

GemPad are also the first launchpad to offer raising funds in any crypto token.

Another innovative feature only found on GemPad is the My Alarms function. You can set up the alarm to remind you 5, 15, or 30 minutes before the presale starts or before the launch takes place, making sure you do not miss another project again!

Benefits & Utility of $GEMS

There are many benefits to holding $GEMS:

1. As utility token, $GEMS provides exclusive advantages to accessing tiered presales.

2. Gold+ holders will gain tokens through auto-staking reflections. This will allow holders to rise from gold to platinum and even diamond by holding!

3.Platinum+ holders will also be given voting power tied to unique DAO system allowing our community members to vet, vote, and pause a presale they are not full confident about!

4. Diamond is the highest and most exclusive tier providing access to GemPad Alpha club, airdrops, and much more opportunities which will be revealed on the run up to launch


Transaction/tax fee is 10%:

GemPad has established both decentralized and tiered IDO launchpads. Launchpad is working now. Several projects have been launched so far.

It does not charge tokens as listing fees from projects. It also offers KYC and audit services. Also, we,, are one of the KYC partners of GemPad.

The $GEMS token will be the native token of the platform. It will offer holders a variety of benefits, including joining some presales and special sales.

The GemPad team has been developing their products and adding new features for a while.

You should definitely check out this project.

(Not Financial Advice)

Presale ended

It raised 400 BNB, hit hardcap. Success

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