Hedgehog Presale(ILO) Review

Teamstokenomics and technical reviews about the Hedgehog $HEDGI project ILO/IDO are in this article.

They describe themselves:

The $HEDGI team is building a decentralized, community based project built on trust and transparency.

Launchpad AMM: PancakeSwapV2

Contract address: 0x1cC167807F7F7950ba9E64b560463418fF15C697


Please DYOR (do your own research)

Liquidity Lock % 90 BNB raised liquidity lock
Lock duration: 11 months
ParticipationOpen to anyone
Softcap50 BNB
Hardcap500 BNB
Max Spend per Account3 BNB
Presale Price600.000.000.000 HEDGI / per BNB
Listing Price540.000.000.000 HEDGI / per BNB
StartApprox: Mon 3 May 02:38
EndApprox: Mon 10 May 02:38

Total supply: HEDGI

it is good

  • %90 ETH raised liquidity
  • 11 months liquidity lock time
  • Presale price is lower than listing price.
  • Audit by Solidity (report)
    • No security issues were identified

it is not good

  • No KYC
  • From Audit Report:
    • Ensure trust in the team as they have substantial control in the ecosystem via their ability to set tax fees to any amount.

About the team

  • Anonymous

From White Paper

  • Give Back: $HEDGI is about building community and giving back. For this reason, 4.75% of tokens will be held in a wallet and reserved for charitable donations that the $HEDGI Community will vote on.
  • Deflationary: After the presale, 34.5% of the tokens has been sent to a burn wallet and taken out of circulation. Likewise, 5% of every trade will be redistributed to every $HEDGI holder and another 5% into liquidity creating an automatic and completely passive yield generating mechanism with an ever increasing price floor.

%90 BNB raised liquidity and 11 months lock time is very cool. It means that if HEDGI will be listed, it will not have liquidity problems at first times.

it is very good to have audit report. But the report point out ” Ensure trust in the team as they have substantial control in the ecosystem via their ability to set tax fees to any amount“. So if you are going to invest in this project, make sure you have full confidence in the team.

About dev. wallet other: %34,5 of total supply was burned(check it). remaining %11(%4 team, %4,8 charity, %2,3 marketing). it looks fair. But this is also give power the team about usage of %11. if team use it effectively, it will be good. otherwise these team tokens cause price fluctuation.

I’m not sure this deflationary model will solve the liquidity pool problem. Because the liquidity pool consists of a pair token. This project will consist of HEDGI and BNB. The model proposed by the project does not explain how the provision for BNB in the liquidity pool will be maintained.

I like charity stuff. I hope this project keeps its promise and can make the donations it announced.

Presale end

84 BNB raised. reach softcap. success(it has some issue with Unicrypt, so it doesn’t listed yet when the uptade is done).
after technical problem, relaunched for presale, 100 BNB collected. it was listed on Pancakeswap

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