How can I participate a presale at Unicrypt Network?

1: If the presale is not public, only certain persons are allowed to participate. You need to be whitelisted on such projects. Anyone can participate in other projects.

Whitelist: The term whitelist refers to a list of approved person allowed to take part in presale.

2: Go to the presale address page

3: Connect your wallet. Make sure you are on the correct network. For example: if you participate in PancakeSwap, you should be BSC(Binance Smart Chain). There are also;

  • UniSwap : Ethereum Mainnet
  • SushiSwap : Ethereum Mainnet
  • QuickSwap : Matic chain
  • PancakeSwap : Binance Smart Chain
  • JulSwap : Binance Smart Chain
  • HoneySwap : xDai chain

For more info to connect Metamask wallet to Binance Smart Chain click

4: Determine the amount you will participate in the presale, then proceed with the transaction.

5: Presale succeeds in 2 ways:
a) It reaches the hardcap. After reaching hardcap, initialize the markets
b) It reaches Softcap, and the presale period ends. Initialize the markets after the presale period ends.

6: If the presale is successful, you can transfer your purchased tokens from “Presale address” to your wallet.

There are 2 rounds at every presales on Unicrypt Network.

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Round n/a:

Round n/a starts anytime 2 hours after ILO creation and before round 1 starts

Up to 79% of the ILO hard cap can be reserved by Round n/a participants.

To participate: your wallet must be whitelisted.

Round 0:

Round 0 starts with the listing of the project on Unicrypt. It continues until Round 1 starts. You can reserve a slot before round 1 starts by burning 🔥 2 UNCL.

Round 0 starts 2 hours after the ILO creation and will last until 10 minutes before round 1 starts that is decided by the project developer. (ILO start date is the one displayed on the ILO browser and page).

Up to 20% of the ILO hard cap can be reserved by Round 0 participants.

If Round 0 does not get fully filled, non-reserved tokens are available for round 1 participants.

How do I participate in Round 0?

You need to click the UNCX/UNCL logo or the “reserve your spot with 2 UNCL” button (this button is visible from the ILO page) to send your 2 UNCL and your contributions (BNB, ETH, etc.)

If you reserve a spot by using UNCL tokens, you still need to participate with BNB/ETH (your ILO contribution). That is, you’re required to send your contribution before round 1 starts, otherwise, the allocation isn’t guaranteed anymore, and the UNCL may be burnt in case the ILO is successful.

In case you decide to join round 0 and the ILO is successful, your 2 UNCL will be burnt.

What if the Presale (ILO) fails?

If the ILO fails, 25% of your UNCL contribution will be burnt and 1.5 UNCL returned.

Round 1:

Starts as per start date & time specified by the ILO creator.

To participate round 1: You don’t need to hold tokens. There is no requirement.

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