How to buy on PinkSale? How can you participate in crypto presales?

PinkSale Finance is the most popular decentralized IDO launchpad recently. Crypto projects basically raise funds in 3 ways using Pinksale. So they sell tokens before listing on a DEX. 3 token sales methods on PinkSale:

  1. Private Sale
  2. Presale
  3. Fairlaunch
  4. Subscription Presale

1- Private Sale

Project teams need funds to perform the presale. They also raise funds for presale marketing and project development in this private sale. They make presale using these funds. Then they are listed on a DEX (Pancakeswap, Uniswap, etc) and trading begins. Private sale price is usually cheaper than presale.

2- Presale

A sale made before the token/coin is listed on a DEX (Pancakeswap, Uniswap, etc). There are hardcap and softcap. The presale price and the listing price are determined.

A portion of the funds collected from this sale (at least 50%) is created to trade the DEX with an LP (liquidity Pool). The team uses the rest of the fund in areas such as marketing and development. It may be the same or cheaper than the listing price.

3- Fairlaunch

It is actually used for the same purpose as a presale. Difference from Presale: there is no hardcap. The fairlaunch/presale and listing price are the same. The listing price of the token is determined by the amount to be collected in the fairlaunch.

Listing price = raised amount(BNB)/token allocated for fairlaunch

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4- Subscription Presale

In this sales method, there are hardcap, softcap and max contribution.

Participants can commit as much as they want. If the sale raise over hardcap, the participants buy tokens according to the commit rates.

So how can you participate in these coin sales?

First, you must have a wallet like Metamask or TrustWallet. You must have enough coins to do transactions in this wallet. Eg.: For BNB Chain, it must be BNB coin

Step 1: Go to and choose your chain (BSC/BNB Chain, ETH, etc)

Step 2: You can navigate to the PinkSale homepage. You can see ongoing and upcoming presales.

Step 3: Go to the project page you want to participate in the presale.

Step 4: Connect your wallet

Step 5: Type the amount you want to participate. And Click “Buy” button.

Step 6: Don’t forget to approve your transaction(buy) on your Metamask

Step 7: After the transaction is confirmed, you can see your purchase on the project page.

Step 8: After the presale successfully ends, you can claim your token on the project page where you buy the token. You should check project’s social media accounts for the exact claim date/time.

After claim your token, you can start to trade.

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