Incubator Program

The blockchain and crypto space inspires many people. In addition, many startups are trying to raise funds by participating in the tokenization process.


Many real and promising projects fail to raise funds. They cannot handle presales and private sales well.

But on the other hand, projects that have no purpose can raise huge funds. Why is this happening?

1-Crypto marketing space has its own characteristics. Likewise, presales and private sales processes also have some features.

There are even subtleties that vary according to the Launcpad you will use for presale. Unfortunately, most of the project owners do not know enough about these issues.

2-Additionally, there are a lot of scammers, especially in the crypto marketing space. Many projects lost tens of thousands of dollars to these scammers and failed as a result. As we all know it is very easy to set up Twitter accounts and Telegram groups/channels full of bots. People who do not have serious experience in this space cannot use their marketing budgets properly.

What is the Incubator Program?

Projects accepted into the Incubator Program will be officially supported by And this will be announced on all our channels.

What do We Offer Projects?

The following services will be offered to projects accepted into the Incubator program:

  • Consultancy on private sales and presale processes
  • KYC service
  • Help in building community
  • Marketing consultancy and strategy
  • Marketing

Which Projects can Apply This Program?

Projects with at least the following qualifications are eligible to apply for the Incubator Program:

  • Team should do KYC
  • Whitepaper/Lite Paper/Documents must be ready
  • The product/game/app must be at least in testing phase
  • Be ready to work in collaboration with the team
  • The fund you want to raise should not be too big