Kawaii Swap Project Review – $CALCIFER Presale (ILO) on Unicrypt

Kawaii Swap Finance is comprehensive DeFi projects. $CALCIFER is a new coin on BSC. Let’s look in detail.

The intersection of DeFi yield farming and gamification protocols

kawaii swap finance

Token Info

Project name: Kawaii Swap

Ticker/Symbol: CALCIFER

Contract address: 0x9D13Cc6FABDe882E059413c524a32BA5befebD8b

Network: Binance Smart Chain (BSC)

Total supply: 80.000 CALCIFER

Launchpad: Unicrypt Network(PancakeswapV2)


Presales always have some risks. Please DYOR (do your own research)

Liquidity Lock Rate30% BNB raised liquidity lock
time: 6 months
ParticipationNot private
Softcap200 BNB
Hardcap1.000 BNB
Min-Max Spend per Accountmax 5 BNB
Presale price50 CALCIFER / per BNB
Listing price37,5 CALCIFER / per BNB
Audit(by Techrate)
KYC (by solidproof)
Startapprox: Sun 5 Sep 12:22 UTC
Endapprox: Wed 8 Sep 17:21 UTC

Token Distribution

For presale62,5%
Farming App22,6%

It is good

  • KYC by SolidProof
  • Doxxed team
  • KawaiiSwap project is backed by the team of professional developers and belongs to “Brainstorm Digital” Ltd company.
  • Audit by Techrate, both token smart contract and Masterchef smart contract are audited, check report

About the team

  • The core team consist of 3 persons. It seems that they are from Europe
  • Dmitry Kaminsky is CEO & lead dev.
  • Alla Tisko is Design & content creator.
  • Vjacheslav Kuznecov is fullstack dev.

From White/Lite Paper

The main aim of Kawaii Swap project is to go beyond the traditional yield farming experience.

They want to connect yield farms with the NFT-gaming world making it into the unified interactive ecosystem.

Features of $CALCIFER Token

  • Anti-whale: Transfer more than 1% (current ratio) of the total supply will be rejected.
  • Pool Boost: When you harvest, just like in any other farm, you are able to claim your pending rewards to your wallet. However you can instead choose to Boost your rewards.
  • User Boost: You are able to increase your User Boost by completing daily Quests
  • Harvest tax: KawaiiSwap introduces new concept in DeFi: the Harvest Tax. Instead of having a lockup for X time, you will be allowed to Harvest at any time, but if you do so before the Tax Period ends, you’ll incur a Tax proportional to the Tax Period remaining.
  • Emission rate: CALCIFER per block = 1 (initial emission rate). Emission rate gets automatically reduced by 3% every 12 hours until it reach the final reward per block which will be 0.2 CALCIFER per block.
  • Transfer tax: 5% of every transfer. All burned

Kawaii Swap Finance Ecosystem

  1. Farming: New concepts like NFT packages that gives farming boosts are released. Like holding both sword and armour NFTs gives small boost to all farming rewards (as example). Other concepts like implementation of scoring system that detects amount of lottery wins and NFTs draws from loot boxes and using this system as option to compete with other users.
  2. Lottery Games: Aside from direct access to the game as a standalone project, it gets released as a ‘layer’ on KawaiiSwap platform with an option to harvest specific in-game currency, use it in lottery-type games on the platform and also win NFTs specific to this particular browser game in loot boxes.
  3. NFT-games: One part of the ecosystem and ultimate goal – the release of browser games with NFT ownership and battle system.
  4. NFT Marketplace: It is in the roadmap. Where both single NFTs and NFT packages can be traded.

This way token receives a lot of use cases both in the game and outside the game (on KawaiiSwap platform).

For more detailed info, please read the docs

Note: You must adjust the slippage rate above 5% while swapping $CALCIFER

Kawaii Swap is based on farming & NFT-games.

About tokenomics: Token allocation for presale+liquidity (pancakeswap)+fee=77,4%. The team holds 22,6% for Farming App.

The team is both doxxed and has KYC. Both CALCIFER smart contract and Masterchef(App) smart contract are audited. These are very good indicators.

The team really worked hard on the project. It appears that they are skilled in DeFi and NFT. If you read the project docs, you’ll understand what I’m talking about.

Kawaii Swap is not a traditional farming and DEX project. They will combine NFT-games with farming.

Recently, NFT-gaming projects have been attracting a lot of attention. But we also saw many scam projects.

Kawii Swap is a trustworthy project with a doxxed team and KYC. You must have a look at it.

Kawaii Swap made a fairlaunch on PinkSale.

Approx 120 BNB was collected. It launched at 3 Oct 2021

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