KYC Service in Crypto

What is KYC?

In the KYC process: We get the identity and address information of the project owners. We verify the connection between the project owners and the project. We store this information securely.

The purpose of this service is to make the crypto space more reliable. This service also helps investors to make evaluations.

It should be noted that the KYC process does not make a project completely secure.

If the team does rug pull or scam, we publish the identity of the project owner and file a criminal complaint.

Why you should choose us?

We are the most trusted KYC company by investors. We continue to set standards for the industry.

We have great community who participate in presales. We support KYCed projects with free promotions.

Get a professional KYC service at a reasonable price.

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In case of a scam, what does KYC Service do?

First of all, it would be helpful to know: There is a lawyer in the KYC service team.

In our opinion, just sharing the team’s information is not enough. A criminal complaint must also be filed.

It would also be very difficult for investors to sue with this information. Because only a photo and a selfie written by the project information is not enough for the person to go to prison.

We know the laws. We also know what evidence the police and the court need.

In addition, we share all information with the victims’ lawyers. Thus, more than one criminal complaint can be made.

It is not enough to just publish the photos of the scammers. We believe that scammers must face the court and the police.

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

What is KYC fee?

Our KYC service fee is reasonable. Because we are trying to make the crypto space more secure. Please contact us for more detail.

How long does the KYC process take?

24 – 48 hours

Do you give KYC Certificate?

Yes, we publish KYC Verification posts on our website

How can I get KYC badge?

It is up to launchpad you use. We guide you

Do you have a company?

Yes, we have a company in Europe.

How long do you keep the information you obtain during the KYC process?

The storage period is 2 years. After 2 years, all information is permanently deleted.

Where and how is information stored? Who has access to the information?

The information is stored with strong passwords on 2 separate devices that are not connected to the internet. Only KYC service employees can access the information.

Do you share our information with other people and institutions?

Unless scam or rug pull, the data is never shared with other people and institutions.

What is refund policy?

If a project does not pass our KYC process successfully, no refund will be given. After starting the KYC process, if the team does not want to continue with the KYC process, no refund will be given.


stable doc
StableDoc Team gave us the best customer support during our KYC with them. Just be REAL as a project owner and if IDOPresales sees that you are legit they will support your project growth more than just using their KYC services.

Hell Hounds Team

Accurate, precise, secure, and professional. IDOPRESALES’s secure, detailed oriented KYC verification process was thorough and methodical. From the very get go there company was courteous, kind, and efficient. However, more than a KYC service I was kindly assisted was given well thought out advice throughout the entire presale process before, during and even after. Their team is dedicated to providing top tier services showcasing why they are the leaders in their field. I would only go with the best and IDOPRESALES is definitely it.

Nozomics Team

The KYC process, done by, was very professional and well structured. We were surprised that the team checked also the ownership of the deployer-wallet and we think that this is not only good but also very necessary. Nozomics sees KYC as an important part to grow the level of security and trust within the crypto industry.




The fact that a project passes KYC service does not mean that we approve and recommend that project. The KYC service includes the identified of the project owner. KYC doesn’t mean that the project is 100% safe. Therefore, this service will assist the decision-making process of investors. Please DYOR.

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