Locklet Project Review – $LKT Presale (ILO) on Unicrypt

Locklet $LKT is a new cryptocurrency. It’s presale on Unicrypt(Uniswap). Let’s examine the Locklet project in detail

Locklet is the world’s first decentralized vesting platform

Locklet Project Review - $LKT Presale (ILO) on

Token Info

Project name: Locklet

Ticker/Symbol: LKT

Contract address: 0xd9b89EEe86B15634c70CaB51BAF85615A4AB91a1

Token type: ERC-20

Total supply: 150.000.000 LKT

Launchpad: Unicrypt Network(Uniswap)


Presales have some risks. Please DYOR (do your own research)

Liquidity Lock Rate40% USDC raised liquidity lock
time: 6 months
ParticipationNot private
Softcap240.000 USDC
Hardcap480.000 USDC
Min-Max Spend per Accountmax 3.000 USDC
Presale price104,16666667 LKT / per USDC
Listing price78,125 LKT / per USDC
Audit(by Quill Audits)
KYC (by solidproof)
Startapprox: Mon 12 Jul 18:00 UTC
Endapprox: Wed 14 Jul 18:00 UTC

Note: Locklet made a private sale.

Token Distribution

DEX & CEX Liquidity7%
Liquidity incentives3%
Community reward pool3 %

How much liquidity will be locked?

At the end of the Public Sale, 50% of the raised funds will be locked in Uniswap (Ethereum) and PancakeSwap (Binance Smart Chain) liquidity pools for six months as follow:

  • Uniswap (USDC/LKT) : 188,000 USDC / 14,730,000 LKT
  • Uniswap (ETH/LKT) : 15 ETH / 2,343,750 LKT
  • PancakeSwap (BNB/LKT) : 70 BNB / 1,640,625 LKT

These calculations were made on the assumption that ETH would be at 2000$ and BNB at 300$.

It is good

  • KYC and doxxed team
  • Audited by Quill Audits, check report
    • No high-medium-low-informational issues

About the team

  • The team disclosed their identity on their website. The team consists of 4 people. 2 code devs, 1 designer and 1 relations officer.
  • Team members based in Europe/France.
  • Noe Comte: Founder and lead engineer. It seems that he is an experienced and talented person in his field. You can check Linkedin

From White/Lite Paper

Locklet is the world’s first decentralized vesting platform. It allows any crypto-currency holder to create more or less complex vesting clauses according to their need and have them executed over the desired duration and this in a completely decentralized way.

Usage of Locklet $LKS

Locklet is aimed at different types of users: entrepreneurs, teams, hedge funds, business angels, project communities and developers.

Locklet decentralized vesting platform uses its own multi-chain token called LKT as currency. When a Locklet user wishes to use a service, he must pay the fees related to the use of this service in $LKT.

At transaction time, 45% of the total fee amount is burned, 45% is redistributed to the stakers and 10% is acquired by the Locklet foundation.

Deflationary: Some part of each fee will be burned.

What blockchains is the LKT token available on?

LKT token will be available on all blockchains where Locklet offers its services, namely:

BlockchainToken Contract Address
Binance Smart Chain0xde8fa069707b6322ad45d001425b617f4f1930bd
Huobi ECO ChainN/A

How is Locklet different from other vesting(token locking) platforms?

Locklet will offer advanced vesting capabilities:

  • Split the vesting clause over several external recipients with different %,
  • Make vesting clause revokable,
  • Merge all of the clauses in a single contract to offer low cost vesting creation
  • Issuing a embeddable certificate that project will be able to show on their website

You can find more detail at this doc👉 What is Locklet? – Locklet

Locket is a product-based project. Product-based projects and meme coins need to be evaluated differently.

LKT has audit. The team has both KYC and doxxed. These are very good for project.

About tokenomics: The team will use some of the funds collected from the presale to create pools for Uniswap LKT/ETH and Pancakeswap LKT/BNB.

When we look at Locklet, we see an experienced and talented team. The team can realize this project.

The LKT token will be used on the Locklet platform. Those who want to use the platform will have to pay the fee with LKT.

#Locklet: The LKT token will be used on the Locklet platform. Those who want to use the platform will have to pay the fee with LKT.

Part of the fees paid with LKT on the platform will be burned.

The team transparently shared wallets (foundation, team, etc), check

A project like LKT should be viewed as a medium and long-term investment. After the Vesting platform goes live, we can say that LKT will have a good price chart as a token with use.

Presale ended.

294 k USD collected from 249 participants. Reached softcap. Success

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