NFT Launch Project Review – $NFTL Presale (IDO) on BSCPad

NFT Launch is a new token on BSC. Let’s look in detail.

NFT Launch

Token Info

Project name: NFT Launch

Ticker/Symbol: NFTL

Contract address: TBA

Total supply: NFTL

Launchpad: BSCPad, TronPad, KCCPad, ETHPAD


Presales always have some risks. Please DYOR (do your own research)

Liquidity Lock Ratenot known
ParticipationTier system and whitelist
Softcapnot known
Hardcapnot known
Min-Max Spend per Accountnot known
Presale pricenot known
Listing price0,0015 USD
Initial market cap67.500 USD
Supply at listing45.000.000 NFTL
StartFriday 3 Sep, 2021
EndFriday 3 Sep, 2021

It is good

  • Low initial market cap

It is not good

  • Less information about tokenomics

About the team

  • Backed by BSCPad team.

From White/Lite Paper

NDO (NFT Decentralized Offering) – In the beginning, NFTLaunch will have only ONE tier. Making it easy for everyone to participate in this new innovative way of purchasing NFT’s at the ground level before they are listed on exchange websites such as Opensea, Rarible and so on!

By holding NFTStarter Tier, You will be guaranteed an allocation to purchase at minimum one NFT or more during each NDO.

Tier holders will be required to stake their NFTLaunch tokens to participate in NDO’s.

Features of $NFTL Token

  • Sell fees: 12%
    • 5%: of the ETH/BNB fees will go into a ‘NFT Fund’ wallet, which the team will use to purchase and Airdrop Free NFT’s to tier holders.
    • 4%: will be rewarded to NFTLaunch Stakers in ETH.
    • 2%: of this tax will go to a wallet which will be used for NFTLaunch token buybacks and burns at the team’s discretion.
    • 1%: will go to a charity wallet which will be donated on a monthly basis.
  • Early unstaking fees: Unstaking your NFTLaunch tokens could come at a fee, with the maximum burn fee of up to 20% of your tokens. The minimum wait period for unstaking is 14 days after which No Fee would be charged on unstaking

NFT Launch aims to be a launchpad for NFT projects.

About tokenomics: There isn’t enough information about token. We know only the initial market cap. NFTL has really low initial market cap (67.500 USD).

This is how BSCPad and its marketing team work. They do enough marketing about the project.

They start with a low market cap and aims to make the token x10-50. Not every project is successful.

Of course, in this case, the team holds the majority of the total supply.

If the project has enough hype, it could be a good short-term investment.

To participate in presales on BSCPad, you need to hold a certain amount of BSCPad tokens.

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