Ocean Keeper $OCK

“Save the Sea to See the Future”

Ocean Keeper Project

Our vision

Overfishing, poaching and environmental waste has destroyed our marine populations and polluted our seas. Our oceans and its inhabitants are dying from illegal fishing, plastic pollution and the effects of climate change. The overfishing of our oceans could result in the complete collapse of the world’s fish stocks. it is predicted that if the rate of fishing continues that by 2048 the world’s oceans could be virtually emptied of sea-life.

When one fish specie is removed from an ecosystem it can lead to an ecosystem collapse. Protein demand shifts to other parts of the ocean or land placing pressure on other food systems

Our mission is directed towards environmentally conscious investors, this removes intermediaries between individuals and the causes they wish to support.

Our goal is to ensure we educate you, bring awareness and protect the future of our ocean life.


Ocean Keeper’s supply is limited and is a ONE OF A KIND tokenomic system that runs on deflationary economics to which will ensure Ocean Keeper keeps its value high, all while keeping our oceans alive.

Earn rewards, while making an impact.

  • 3% Distribution to holders
  • 3% Burn / Liquidity Add
  • 4% Donated to charity

Why invest in Ocean Keeper

The unique advantage of Ocean Keeper Token is that it offers a combining feature of investing with charitable causes. Ocean Keeper believes that investment and charity can be merged into one. Ocean Keeper secures the individuals financial freedom while benefiting the world, specifically the ocean and the marine life.

Ocean Keeper employs a limited token supply of 1 trillion tokens. On top of this there will be 50% burn of liquidity pool after phase one, with continued burns after that. This simply means the allocated tokens will be dispersed towards the charitable causes whilst maintaining a strong floor price on the market. Ocean Keeper protocol of definitively deflationary in nature. Most tokens today are supposedly inflationary and have ridiculous amounts if supply and are susceptible to extreme volatility and compete lost of all investment.

Main Features

Ocean Keeper is based on the fundamentals of trust and transparency. The tasks undertaken by the team are designed to help collect like minded individuals form a powerful collective whilst allowing freedom of debt, or need for credit. We plan to hold regular AMAs (ask me anything) and hold regular votes on decision as how to best direct the funds towards which charities first. We will build a community of financial investors with a growing passive income. We have a vision for the future and the planet.

Experiences co-founders with diverse backgrounds offering clear roadmaps and expansion plans to achieve milestones. We aim to have a reasonable response time for any enquires directed to Ocean Keepers founders.

Ocean Keeper has a built in programmed LP which means locked liquidity through transactional burns. Providing two main advantages for investors, firstly the contract removes tokens away from buyers and vendors alike, including them to the liquidity pool establishing a solid market floor price.

  • Trust and Transparency at the heart of Ocean Keeper
  • Centered at charitable causes
  • Capital and redistribution gains
  • Community driven
  • Experienced co-founders

Supported Charities

  • Oceana
  • Sea Shepherd
  • The Ocean Cleanup

$OCK Info

Project name: Ocean Keeper

Ticker/Symbol: $OCK

Contract address: 0xA58e6B20FC9192162a3e6db684e4CA473eAC2e4C

Token type: BEP-20

Total supply: $OCK

Launchpad: Unicrypt Network(PancakeswapV2)

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