Orela Coin Presale (ILO) Review

Teamstokenomics and technical reviews about the Orela Coin $ORL project are in this article.

They describe themselves:

Artistic shopping and digital NFT products will be purchased with an easier and practical system. these products will be your deed product.

Launchpad AMM: Pancakeswap


Pre-Sale has some risks. Please DYOR (do your own research)

Liquidity Lock % 50 BNB raised liquidity lock
Lock duration: 11 months
ParticipationOpen to anyone
Softcap30 BNB
Hardcap200 BNB
Max Spend per Account20 BNB
Presale Price60.000 ORL / per BNB
Listing Price45.000 ORL / per BNB
StartWed 28 Apr 09:00 am UTC
EndFri 30 Apr 09:00 am UTC

Total supply: 18.500.000 ORL

it is good

  • %50 BNB raised liquidity
  • 11 months liquidity lock time
  • %82 Tokenomics.
  • Presale price is lower than listing price.
  • Unsold token will be burned automatically by the system.

it is not good

  • No KYC
  • No audit

About the team

  • Anonymous

From White Paper

  • Auction NFT-3D VR NFT Art Gallery-3D VR Shopping
  • Goals:
    • Digital art and digital shopping
    • Creating a global platform where NFT tokens are used daily and people will trade in a practical way
    • Activating The Art Gallery into digital age system
  • With dozens of graphic design experts/ e-commerce experts/software coding experts and marketing experts at the team, we will transform the nft industry.
  • Beyblade producst concept NFT
  • They stated how the income to be obtained in the pre-sale will be used.
    • 10 % Product Development
    • 20% Marketing, sales, merchant acquisition & partnerships
    • 20% Legal
    • 50% Locked
  • They state that they will allocate funds for nature, forest, homeless people and street animals.

%50 BNB raised liquidity rate and 11 months lock time are good.

About dev. wallet/team token (%10): Team uses it to “Marketing, Private Sale, Bonus, Airdrop, Developments and Team”.

As I mentioned in my previous articles, I find it right to have a certain percentage of team tokens. Because the team will need it to continue and develop the project. The important thing here is that the team tokens are used correctly and do not cause sudden price drops.

Orela team tokens don’t locked. Considering that unsold tokens will be burned automatically, the team has too many tokens in hand. If the team is going to continue the project, the team should lock the tokens.

Rug pull warning

I have been informed that the owner of the Orela project did not even pay the employees in his team. Based on this well-sourced information, I say the Orela project could be a rug pull. Be very careful

Check this tweet about Orela soft rug pull

Presale ended.

107 BNB collected. softcao reached. Success

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