How can I participate a presale at Unicrypt Network?

1: If the presale is not public, only certain persons are allowed to participate. You need to be whitelisted on such projects. Anyone can participate in other projects.

Whitelist: The term whitelist refers to a list of approved person allowed to take part in presale.

2: Go to presale address page

3: Connect your wallet.Make sure you are on the correct network. For example: if you participate in PancakeSwap, you should be BSC(Binance Smart Chain). There are also;

  • UniSwap : Ethereum Mainnet
  • SushiSwap : Ethereum Mainnet
  • QuickSwap : Matic chain
  • PancakeSwap : Binance Smart Chain
  • JulSwap : Binance Smart Chain
  • HoneySwap : xDai chain

For more info to connect Metamask wallet to Binance Smart Chain click

4: Determine the amount you will participate in the presale, then proceed with the transaction.

5: Presale succeeds in 2 ways:
a) It reaches the hardcap. After reaching hardcap, initialize the markets
b) It reaches Softcap and the presale period end. Initialize the markets after the presale period ends.

6: If the presale is successful, you can transfer your purchased tokens from “Presale address” to your wallet.

There are 2 rounds at every presales on Unicrypt Network.

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Round 0:

Round 0 starts with the listing of the project on Unicrypt. It continues until Round 1 starts. You can reserve a slot before round 1 starts by burning đź”Ą 2 UNCL.

Round 0 starts right after the ILO creation and will last until the start date of the ILO that is decided by the project developer. (ILO start date is the one displayed on the ILO browser and page).

Up to 1/2 of the ILO hard cap can be reserved by Round 0 participants.

If Round 0 does not get fully filled, non-reserved tokens are available for round 1 participants.

How do I participate in Round 0?

You need to click the UNCX/UNCL logo or the “reserve your spot with 2 UNCL” button (this button is visible from the ILO page) to send your 2 UNCL and your contributions (BNB, ETH, etc.)

If you reserve a spot by using UNCL tokens, you still need to participate with BNB/ETH (your ILO contribution). That is, you’re required to send your contribution before round 1 starts, otherwise, the allocation isn’t guaranteed anymore, and the UNCL may be burnt in case the ILO is successful.

The 2 UNCL tokens are burned, If the ILO is successful, otherwise,

What if the Presale (ILO) fails?

If the presale (ILO) fails, 2 UNCL and your contribution(BNB/ETH) are withdrawable. You can get them back.

Do I need to hold 50 UNLC or 3 UNCX to participate in Round 0?

You do not need to hold UNCX/UNCL to participate in round 0 apart from the 2 UNCL sent to reserve a spot.

Round 1:

It lasts 2 hours

To participate round 1: Your wallet needs to hold : – 3 UNCX Tokens OR – 50 UNCL Tokens. If you don’t have one of these tokens you can’t participate round 1.

Note: The tokens need to be held in the wallet you will use to connect to an ILO and must be on the same blockchain as the ILO.

Round 2

If the ILO does not sell out in the first 2 hours, it moves on to this second round.

The round 2 of an ILO can run for up to 14 days.

There is no specific requirement, unless a whitelist is enabled. So You don’t need to hold UNCL or UNCX.

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