One of Crypto Launchpads: What are the PinkSale Advantages?

There are many crypto launchpads for token sales and creating tokens. PinkSale provides lots of tools like liquidity locking, mint/creating token, token vesting, anti-bot tool, etc.

PinkSale aims to host safer projects. It wants to be a safe haven for investors who are tired of scammers.

One of the most important features of PinkSale, which has many applications, is its easy-to-use interface.

One of Crypto Launchpads: What are the PinkSale advantages?

What is PinkSale Token Sale Launchpad?

PinkSale offers many useful services for new crypto and DeFi projects. It is a decentralized launchpad like DxSale and Unicrypt.

All of these platforms offer “mint/creating token”, ” token launchpad”, ” liquidity locker” “token vesting” on different DEXs/chains.

PinkSale’s links:

So How is PinkSale different from DxSale and Unicrypt?

  1. PinkSale offers projects KYC option, so project owners can pass KYC process. You can see on the dashboard whether the project has KYC or not. DxSale hasn’t KYC option, Unicrypt has KYC option.
  2. PinkSale offers projects 2 options about unsold tokens at presale stage. Project owner can choose “burn” or “refund”. This is an important feature for project owners.
  3. PinkSale has Anti-Bot tool. There are many investors who are losing money because of bots. Also, there were many projects that were damaged by bots’ activities right after listing. DxSale and Unicrypt haven’t anti-bot tool.

Pink Anti-Bot

Anti-Bot tool can be implement when you mint/create a token on PinkSale. You can also implement this tool in custom contract.

Create your Own Token with Tax Fee

Unicrypt Network offers a service called “ENMT token”. You can create token by using Unicrypt. But you can’t set up a tax fee and other features in the token. It is just a basic, standard token.

PinkSale has more advanced tools for creating tokens:

  • You can create your own token with a transaction/tax fee.
  • You can adjust the tax fee to distribute holders, add liquidity, reward with another token.

You can find all details in PinkSale Docs.

Community Support

PinkSale promotes projects on its platform. It promotes projects to its community that consist of tens of thousands of investors.

This is a very good thing for the project owners. There isn’t such promotion in DxSale or Unicrypt.

In Summary

For investors: it promises safer projects.

For project owners: It offers more advanced tools and promotion.

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