Presale World KYC Verification

KYC Verification has expired
As we clearly state on our website, we keep the information obtained during the KYC process for 1 year.
After 1 year, we permanently delete all information.
For the reason we explained above, all information about this project has been deleted since 1 year has passed.

Project Information

Token NamePresale World
NetworkBNB Chain


For details, you should join the Presale World Telegram group.

What is KYC Service?

During the KYC process, the identities of the team members and their connection to the project were determined.

Team members provided important documents for these determinations.

What does it mean?

KYC mainly aims to protect investors against scam-rug pull.

If team members scam people:

  • We will file a criminal complaint against them in the country they are in with the documents they provide to us.
  • We will reveal their identities.

To investors: If you think a project that has passed our KYC process is a scam or rug pull, let us know. Please also explain why you think so. Our team will review your submissions and, if true, will reveal the identity of the project owners.

The fact that a project passes KYC service does not mean that we approve and recommend that project. The KYC service includes the identification of the project owner. Therefore, this service will assist the decision-making process of investors. Please DYOR.

Presale World Project

Rather than replicate, PresaleWorld innovates in the favour of both investors and project owners. When researching launchpads we noticed there were some fundamental gaps in the launchpad space:

Hard to track how presales perform across the whole market

Launchpads rise and fall in popularity, which makes it difficult for an investor to understand what platform is best to go to in order to find the next “gem”. In some cases, investors have no idea where to start.

PresaleWorld makes it easy to view and sort presales from the most popular launchpads. You can see the best-performing presales at the click of a button rather than having to trawl through a long list of unordered content.

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