Savvel Chain $SAVL Presale (ILO) Review

Teams, tokenomics and technical reviews about the Savvel Chain $SAVL project are here.

They describe themselves:

Savvel Chain is a decentralized NFT auction marketplace where everyone has a fair chance to discover,create and trade NFTs while earning more SAVL tokens

Launchpad AMM: Pancakeswap


Pre-Sale has some risks. Like minting, proxies and developer abandonment. Please DYOR (do your own research)

Liquidity Lock % 60 BNB raised liquidity lock
Lock duration: 11 months
ParticipationOpen to anyone
Softcap91,5 BNB
Hardcap915 BNB
Max Spend per Account5 BNB
Presale Price218.579,23497268 SAVL / per BNB
Listing Price196.721,31147541 SAVL / per BNB
StartMon 19 Apr 20:01
EndWed 28 Apr 23:01

Total Supply: SAVL

it is good

  • % 60 BNB raised liquidity
  • 11 months liquidity lock time
  • Presale price is lower than listing price.

it is not good

  • Hude dev. wallet
  • No KYC
  • No audit

About the team

  • Anonymous.

From White Paper

Savvel Chain is a decentralized NFT auction marketplace

The marketplace is regulated and controlled by the community itself hence it is fully decentralized.

  • Stake & Earn: Users can stake their $SAVL tokens on the platform to earn interest, and the more they hold, the more they earn.
  • Get rewarded: Get rewarded with more $SAVL tokens each time you participate and vote to decide the ideal starting bidding price for an NFT before a live auction takes place
  • Several Profit: Each active member of the community benefits equally from the ecosystem.

% 59 of total supply (590.000.000) is locked(link). But only % 10 is locked for 12 months, other %49 is locked for 3 months. There is still %10 of total supply at the team. if team uses this amount effectively, it could be well.

If all of it will be distributed for marketing, it can be price fluctuation in the beginning of listed.

Considering that the NFT area is growing gradually, the target of the project is very well chosen. A promising field.

In their web site, there is a section “Market place”. When I click it, nothing happen.

The project is to create an NFT auction marketplace. Looking at the target, I expected the websites to be more attentive.

if you interest this project, leave a comment.👇

Presale ended.

19 BNB collected. not reach softcap. failed.

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