SCA Finance Project Review – $SCA Presale (IDO) on PinkSale

$SCA is a new token on BNB Chain. Let’s deep dive into it.

Token Info

Project name: SCA

Ticker/Symbol: SCA 

Contract address: 0x7d33FFaef8e646E7C027804C757C86Df37C43855

Network: BSC/BNB Chain

Total supply: 50.000.000 SCA

Launchpad: PinkSale


Presales always have some risks. Please DYOR (do your own research)

Liquidity Lock Rate80% BNB raised
lock duration 180 days 
Softcap30.000 BUSD
Hardcap60.000 BUSD
Min-Max Spend per AccountMin 1 BUSD – max 3000 BUSD
Presale price1 BUSD = 227,887 SCA
Listing price1 BUSD = 207,17 SCA
Initial Marketcap(estimate)$149,635.565
Presale vestingno vesting
KYC(by contractchecker)
Start2022.06.05 21:00 UTC
End2022.06.12 21:00 UTC

Token Distribution

Private sale6%unlocked
Exchange listing10%locked
Future burn wallet8%locked


  • KYC (by contract checker)
  • Audit, check report

About the team

  • Anonymous.

From White/Lite Paper

SCA Finance aims to revolutionize the world of finance by:

  • Providing the tools that allow everyone to create sound and efficient ways of investing.
  • Increasing the efficiency of the cryptocurrency market and accelerating the transition from TradFi to DeFi.
  • Building the foundations of the financial markets of the future.

Sca Finance will be a platform for developing investments with high capital efficiency and without impermanent loss. Additionally, Decisions and observations will be supported by data, market indicators and by providing a DeFi education platform.

We aim to develop a pathway for people to improve their investing skills, as well as providing tools and infrastructure for the creation of revenue such as market making, crypto indexes, synthetics, automated portfolio management strategies, and more.

Please read White Paper for more info.

Features of $SCA Token

  • Sell limit: 0.05%of the circulating supply
  • Max hold per wallet: 2% of the total supply
  • Anti-Sniper Bot: Buying too fast will mark you as a sniper, and you will be unable to sell or transfer them in any way.
  • Tax rates: The owner can change the tax at any time in a range between 0-30%

Buy tax: 10

  • 4% Reflection
  • 4% liquidity
  • 1% is auto-converted to BUSD and sent to marketing wallet
  • 1% is auto-converted to BUSD and sent to Buyback wallet

Sell tax: 12

  • 4% Reflection
  • 6% liquidity
  • 1% is auto-converted to BUSD and sent to marketing wallet
  • 1% is auto-converted to BUSD and sent to Buyback wallet

SCA Finance aims to build many DeFi products. Staking Protocol and NFT design are ready.

About tokenomics: 16% of the total supply is unlocked(6% private sale and 10% staking). Since the liquidity percent is 80%, we can say that the special sales effect will not be much.

The team has KYC by Contractchecker. They also have a smart contract audit.

You should check out it.

(Not Financial Advice)

Presale ended

The team made a private presale and launched 20 June. Success

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