Even if you have a very good project or product, if you don’t promote it enough, you will fail. This rule is much more valid for the crypto space.

Every day, dozens or hundreds of projects are making presales on different blockchains. Every project strives to reach investors.

The crypto marketing space is really tough. There are many scammers. There are a lot of Twitter accounts, and Telegram channels/groups, especially full of bot accounts. This is a very problematic area for project owners.

The idopresales.com operates in the field of crypto presale. It both introduces new projects and offers different services. Our website is in a very good place in terms of SEO. It is visited by real investors.

We don’t have visitors that are bloated and meaningless like mini listing/vote sites.

Our main social account is Telegram Channel. Twitter, Reddit, Telegram Channel/group, Discord and Facebook accounts are bot free.

In addition, we have email subscribers who want to receive information about new projects.

We always try to promote reliable and profitable projects to our audience. In this way, we create a useful option for both investors and project owners.

If you want to promote your project on idopresales.com and social media accounts, contact us.

Email: contact@idopresales.com

Telegram: https://t.me/alexlothar

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