Sheesha Finance Project Review – $mSHEESHA Presale

Sheesha Finance is an ongoing project that allows anyone to be a VC, incubate projects, and invest in DeFi’s future. $mSHEESHA is a new token on Polygon(MATIC). Let’s deep dive into it.

Venture Capitalism for the Masses at pre-IDO prices. Sheesha Finance is an ambitious, one-of-a-kind, fiery DeFi multi-chain platform offering a level playing field for all investors to access a diversified portfolio of projects.

Token Info

Project name: Sheesha Finance


Ticker/Symbol: mSHEESHA

Contract address: 0x88C949b4eB85a90071f2C0beF861BDDEe1a7479D
SheeshaVault: 0x2f99A637c155798A3A343C841D9618135752ECc4
SheeshaVaultLP: 0xfAD7952E5E00d21aA174B655761786aE6F51B910
Vesting: 0x6f2eD266E80A56Bd577bbA1D3dfE2d22CaF27E14

Network: Polygon (MATIC)

Total supply: mSHEESHA


Presales always have some risks. Please DYOR (do your own research)


AllocationsDiscount RatePriceVesting Schedule
Seed50%$0.012 months cliff from TGE, then 24 months linear vesting
Private30%$0.0141 month cliff from TGE, then 12 months linear vesting
Strategic15%$0.0171 month cliff from TGE, then 6 months linear vesting
Public Sale0$0.02No vesting-100% at TGE
  • No lockup on staking mSHEESHA or LP Tokens,
  • 2% tax on unstaking mSHEESHA which will be burnt (deflationary)
  • 4% tax on unstaking LP Tokens which will be burnt (deflationary)

Token Distribution

Public Sale0.5%
mSHEESHA Staking Rewards20%
Liquidity Pool0.5%
Liquidity Pool Rewards20%


12 Oct-26 Oct: Seed Round (50% discount)

27 Oct-10 Nov: Private round (30% discount)

11 Nov – 25 Nov: Strategic Round (15% discount)

6 Dec: IDO presale

7 Dec: Listing on a DEX (Quickswap or Dfyn)

mSHEESHA’s links:


  • Doxxed team
  • Registered company in UAE
  • Audit (planning)
  • An ongoing project: Dashboard, staking and rewards DApp is working. The Sheesha Finance has launched SHEESHA Token on BSC and ETH network. They will launch mSHEESHA token on Polygon (MATIC) network.

About the team

  • The core team consists of 4 people. The team consists of experienced people. In addition, they have many advisors.
  • Saeed Al Darmaki: CEO and Founder. He is also Co-Founder of Alphabit Digital Currency Fund & nominated Investor of the Year by AIBC summit UAE May 2021

From White/Lite Paper

“Venture Capitalism for the masses at pre-launch prices”

Goal: Allow everyday investors to become Venture Capitalists

Sheesha Polygon Vision

Identify world-class disruptive projects that we believe can deliver long-term performance

  • S hare the Polygon ecosystem with our community
  • H arness our network to offer seed round prices
  • E nable access to a diversified portfolio of projects
  • E ngage the community in world-class projects
  • S eek out the best strategic partners that add value
  • H arvest knowledge from the best minds in blockchain
  • A llow everyday investors to become VCs

How Do Sheesha Finance Partner?

Sheesha comes in 3 flexible flavours

1-Token Swap: We agree to swap a USD value of partner tokens at seed price with mSHEESHA tokens price at the day of the swap

2-USDT Investment: We agree a USDT direct investment of partner tokens

3-Sheesha Foundry: We steer and guide our partners in a fully customized incubator programme.

Why Invest in mSHEESHA Token?

Stake your tokens on Polygon and get rewarded in three ways:

1-Receive APY from the native mSHEESHA token

2-Receive multi-token distributions from partnership projects on the Polygon Network daily

3-Join staking pools to further compound rewards.

$mSHEESHA Token Utility

  • Governance: Allow the community to pick projects from a pooled list of verified and validated projects
  • Staking Rewards: Stake your mSHEESHA and get rewards
  • Partner Project Rewards: Investors collect rewards from the basket of the full suite of polygon projects we invest in. Ultimately this diversifies the risk to maximize return.
  • NFT Lottery: Access to an NFT lottery featuring famous NFT artists (Vesa, and others in the pipeline)

Sheesha Finance is a UAE based company. The company basically does 2 things:

1- Investing in good and long-term projects at an early stage. SHEESHA token holders will also receive a share of these investments.

2-To support promising projects through the Incubator Program

Finding good projects to invest in is really hard work. Sheesha Finance will try to make this work.

Please understand what this project is before investing. The team is doxxed. They have a registered company. The team is planning to have a smart contract audit report.

Also, Sheesha Finance is an ongoing project. The project is already running on BSC and ETH networks. Now a token is being created for the Polygon network.

This gives you a very good opportunity to evaluate the project. Visit the website of the project, examine the Dashboard. Then ask your questions in the Telegram group.

If you think the team will be successful, it can be considered as a medium and long-term investment, especially.

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