SHIB Erse Incident

We have started the scam-rug pull process for SHIB Erse project owner (KYC Verification). We are also preparing a criminal complaint against the project owner. We will share it with you after we make the criminal complaint.

What happened?

SHIBER token raised 180 BNB (Presale info ). Half of the collected amount was transferred to the Pancakeswap liquidity pool. The project owner received half of it (90 BNB) to develop the project. The token launched 17 Feb.

As of March 19, the project owner had closed the social media accounts (Twitter and Telegram)  of the project. Their website was also down. Liquidity pool also has 37.5 BNB (approx $15000) at 19 March.

IDOPresales: We contacted the project owner. We told him to open social media accounts, website, and allow trade.

SHIBER owners claim: He said that Coinmarketcap sees his project as a scam. Because of this, he said it was impossible to continue the project. He refused to open his social media accounts. Trade not opened. The website has reopened after our warning. And put a refund form. He said he would refund those who filled out the form after 1 month. He said he has a budget of $10000 for refund.

IDOPresales: In this case, we requested a refund to the investors. We requested a refund to all holders up to the amount in the liquidity pool (37.5 BNB). There are about 360 holders. It is clearly seen in BSCSCAN which addresses are holders and how many tokens they hold. This information is public ( Using this information, we requested a refund. We gave chances 2 times, both 48 hours and 24 hours. At the end of these times, we requested the project owner to notify us of the refund he made.

SHIBER owners claim: He didn’t provide any proof about refund. He claimed that he would only give a refund after 1 month to those who filled out the form.



– Closing social media accounts

– Closing the website (reopened with our warning)

-Stopping trade of SHIBER Token

-No Refunds

It is unreasonable for the project owner to ask for the form to be filled. Because this information is available in bscscan. Investors do not need to fill out forms. The project owner did not submit any proof of refund. When all this information is evaluated, it is clearly understood that the project owner scammed the investors.

  • If the investors listed below contact through their lawyers, all documents obtained during the KYC process will be shared.
    • Those who live in the same country as the scammer
    • Citizens of the same country as the scammer
    • Those who have a lawyer in the country where the scammer lives
    • Those who have a lawyer in the country where the scammer is a citizen

What did IDOPresales KYC Service do?

Why is IDOPresales the best KYC firm in crypto? We do not leave investors alone with scammers. We do not just share the information of scammers like other KYC companies. At the same time, we use all the opportunities to cover the losses of the investors.

Do not come to IDOPresales KYC if you intend to scam investors. Use other KYC firms.

1- On March 24, we published the identity information of the project owner.

2- The owner of the Shib Erse project refunded about 7 BNB after the release of his credentials. We strongly recommend that he refund all token holders a total of 35 BNB. In this way, perhaps he will avoid punishment.

3- We cooperated with a law firm (B & AI law) in Turkey (

4- The lawyer filed a criminal complaint against the owner of the Shib Erse project to the prosecutor’s office of the province where he lived.

5-In addition, the lawyer filed a criminal complaint with the institution called MASAK, which investigates financial crimes in Turkey.

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