Sion Crypto Project Review – $SION Presale (IDO) on DxSale

There is a new token which make presale (IDO) on DxSale. It will be traded on Uniswap.

A new cryptocurrency that aims to make an impact and change the world. Charity Wallet – Auto LP – Static Reflection – Community Driven.

Sion Crypto Project Review - $SION Presale (IDO) on DxSale

Token Info

Project name: Sion Crypto

Ticker/Symbol: SION

Contract address: 0x02b6652bD400532486c223122AE3dceA0eCacB2A

Token type: ERC-20

Total supply: 1,000,000,000,000 SION

Launchpad: DxSale


Presales have some risks. Please DYOR (do your own research)

Uniswap Liquidity Lock Rate75% ETH raised liquidity lock
Liquidity Unlock Date1 Jan 2022 at 17:00
ParticipationNot private
Softcap120 ETH
Hardcap240 ETH
Min-Max Spend per Accountmax 7 ETH
Presale rate1075000000 SION / per ETH
Listing rate950000000 SION / per ETH
KYCTeam doxxed. check their web site
Startapprox: 12 Jun 2021 at 16:00
Endapprox: 13 Jun 2021 at 16:00

Note: 45.2% of total supply was locked in a contract(check)

Token Distribution

For presale+liquidity: 43%

Burn: 40%, it was locked( team explain that 40% of total supply will be burned 19 june).

Private Sales: 5%

Milestone burns: 5%, it was locked

Development wallet: 7%

It is good

  • 75% liquidity lock rate
  • Doxxed team: Team members revealed their identities on the website.
  • Presale price is cheaper than listing price.

It is not good

  • No audit

About the team

  • There are 6 team members. You can check SION’s web site. They also shared their social media accounts. When we examine their accounts, we understand that they are real people.
  • It appears that the team members in the Netherlands.
  • Daryl Tirajoh is CEO, Founder. He is an experienced person in the software field.

From White Paper

SION is a cryptocurrency which allows the community to take an active role in changing the world while being rewarded for holding $SION.

A vicious circle for the good of the planet.

SION’s ultimate goal is to provide a platform where each and every individual can support the work of charities around the world in a meaningful way while investing in their own future.

Planned Donations: Kika, Direct Relief, WWF

Features of SION:

  • Transaction fee is 9%:
    • 3% goes straight to Charity Wallet
    • 3% is automatically distributed to holders
    • 3% added as a pair(1/2 exchanged to ETH) to the Liquidity Pool.
  • Deflationary: Because dead wallet(40% of total supply will be burned 19 june) will be also a holder, it receives proportional transaction rewards from the 3% share of the transaction fee.
  • Charity Wallet: Being open and transparent is important at SION, so every transaction will be published. As a security measure this wallet requires 3 of our team member’s signatures to be unlocked.

Note: Slippage rate must higher than 9%, when swap SION.

We can also call SION a donation project. The aim of the project is to enable more people to donate using blockchain and cryptocurrencies. At the same time, they aim to provide the opportunity to invest while donating.

The team made a private sale(5%). Team also locked up the tokens that will be burned (45%, initial and milestone burns).

It is very important for the team to reveal their identity. The team’s disclosure of their identities shows that they care about this job.

As a result of my research, I think that the identities revealed are real. I also love donations. Donations must be transparent. They provide transparency in 3 ways:

  1. By revealing identities
  2. Explaining the transactions of the donation wallet
  3. At least 3 team members’ signatures are required for transactions in the donation wallet.

Those who want to donate for something good in the world and also those who want to invest should definitely check out SION.

Presale ended.

It didn’t reach softcap. The team will make either presell again or list it on Uniswap. For latest news, please go to SION Telegram group.

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