StableDoc Project Review – $SDT Presale (IDO) on PinkSale

StableDoc project combines blockchain and A.I. with healthcare. $SDT is a new token BSC. Let’s look in detail at this different project.

stable doc

Token Info

Project name: StableDoc

Ticker/Symbol: SDT

Contract address: 0x543C7eBb52D56985f63F246A5b3558AFF79037d7

Network: Binance Smart Chain (BSC)

Total supply: 100.000.000 SDT 

Launchpad: PinkSale


Presales always have some risks. Please DYOR (do your own research)

Liquidity Lock Rate55% BNB raised,
210 days
ParticipationWhitelist, click for join whitelist
Softcap200 BNB
Hardcap400 BNB
Min-Max Spend per Accountmin 0,1 BNB- max 2 BNB
Presale price125,000 SDT per BNB
Listing price100000 SDT per BNB
Audit (by Trynos)
KYC (by
Start2021.10.16 17:00 UTC
End2021.10.18 17:00 UTC

Token Distribution

Pancakeswap liquidity22%
Team (locked)8%
Advisors (locked)5%
Marketing, Research, and development8%
Indigent patients2%


  • KYCed by
  • Doxxed team
  • Promising idea
  • Audited by Trynos, check report
    • No high-medium-low risks

About the team

  • The core team consists of 10 persons. The team consists of talented people from different fields. Check team
  • Dr. Isaac Agada: CEO fo StableDoc. It seems that he is experienced in both health and technology.

From White/Lite Paper combines Blockchain-based and AI-driven telemedicine, in-home health, and standard hospital services to deliver evidence-based “Doctor Anywhere” healthcare services to our patients all around the world.

They partner with hospitals, laboratories, health management organizations, and National Health Insurance schemes from around the globe.

They use NFT in the depiction of Patient’s Health Data.

StableDoc Products

  • Stabledoc Health Data NFT and Smart Contracts

Patients are now aware that their data exist but they typically do not have access to it or control over where the data is used.

Stabledoc NFT aims at solving this problem by allowing patients to track how their data is being used and the opportunity to earn from the use of their data.

Telemedicine and virtual online consultancy built on Smart Contracts using the Master Patient Index (MPI) will leapfrog institutional and infrastructure challenges to deliver digital medicine and care.

StableDoc smart contract aims to provide necessary security, privacy, transparency, health record immutability, and traceability for our partner Health Management Organizations (HMOs) to detect frauds related to patient’s insurance claims.

  • AI Diagnostics and Virtual Reality

Cutting-edge artificial intelligence and machine learning (AI/ML) is utilized for the diagnostics of diseases. One other key feature in the road map is the development of StableReality, a virtual reality telemed that will further support patient-doctor interaction and build trust.

  • Public Health

A public health infrastructure Blockchain of population health data – patient longitudinal health data across the distributed network, supported by AI algorithms utilizing machine learning and natural language processing to mitigate infectious diseases across the globe, with starting focus on Africa.

  • StableRenew: Healthy You, Healthy Planet

Ten percent of every paid use of telemedicine platform will be used to support global organizations planting trees worldwide.

$SDT Token Utility


Offer payment between healthcare providers and consumers.

NFT Auctioning

StableDoc token will be used to auction NFT of Patient’s health data. The value of
the Patient data NFTs is sure to rise as different research institute are constantly
scavenging for the limited available data to use in their research projects.

Liquidity Staking & Farming

As the project grows exponentially, Liquidity Staking & Farming Pools will be launched to ensuring that long-term holders of StableDoc tokens earn handsome passive incomes on this long-term project.

For more detailed info, please read the White Paper.

I love innovative projects like StableDoc. StableDoc combines blockchain with healthcare.

It aims to create many innovative products. The product that caught my attention the most is “Health Data NFT”.

Health Data NFT: It is an interesting idea to collect all of a person’s health information in one NFT. And the person will be able to control their information through this NFT. He/she will even be able to generate income through this NFT. StableDoc $SDT

It is an interesting idea to collect all of a person’s health information in one NFT. And the person will be able to control their information through this NFT. He/she will even be able to generate income through this NFT.

The team is doxxed and has passed KYC verification by

They also have a smart contract audit.

I believe that the team will really work to bring their project to life.

Please read the white paper, check the team, then ask the team questions about the project. And make your decision.

Presale ended

400 BNB was collectedfrom 458 participants. It filled hardcap. Success

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