Survive Project Review – $SURV Presale (IDO) on PinkSale

Survive is a Metaverse- NFT play-to-earn game. $SURV is a new token on BSC. Let’s deep dive into it.

The next Metaverse Revolution- Play for fun, earn for real

Token Info

Project name: Survive

Ticker/Symbol: SURV

Contract address: 0xC8A8CB1c8104E06889CB7CdadcB5dAE20C8C935e

Network: Binance Smart Chain (BSC)

Total supply: SURV

Launchpad: PinkSale


Presales always have some risks. Please DYOR (do your own research)

Fair launch – tokenomics
Liquidity Lock Rate51% BNB raised,
3650 days
ParticipationPublic, not private
Softcap100 BNB
Min-Max Spend per Accountno min – no max
Presale price
Listing price
Presale vestingno vesting
Audit (by InterFi)
KYC (by
Start2022.02.12 19:00 UTC
End2022.02.17 19:00 UTC

Note: There was a private sale.

Token Distribution

Presale+private sale12.5%
DEXs+CEXs liquidity15%
Game rewards50%
Will be burned10%


  • KYCed by
  • Registered company in Switzerland
  • Audit, check report
  • Metaverse + NFT game
  • Big and experienced team

About the team

  • Anonymous. The team has passed KYC verification, check

From White/Lite Paper

“SURVIVE – Only one will last in the metaverse” is a unique open-world game developed in cooperation with the players and will be continuously updated. SURVIVE metaverse is divided into Meta City and the No-Go Area.

A decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) governs Meta City, where $SURV token holders control the agenda and vote on policies; for example, the rules on land auctions and what types of content are allowed in the metaverse. The goal is to build an eco-system around Meta City that will be available on all platforms like PlayStation Network, Apple App Store, Android Play Store, Mac, and Windows.

Backed by NFT Global: The partnership between SURVIVE and NFT Global will transform the whole Metaverse game industry. The ultimate goal is to create a game that will influence an entire generation and bring play-to-earn games into the mainstream, revolutionizing the gaming market.

Features of Survive Game

Free-to-Play: Survive is entirely free-to-play. You can buy or rent a character for free. Importantly, the game is designed with a focus on fair, competitive play.

True Digital Ownership: Unlike other free-to-play games, SURVIVE gives you complete ownership over your in-game items. Buy, sell, and rent items at any time.

Play-to-Earn: Players can earn $SURV tokens and other items to catalyze competitive gameplay and stimulate engagement.

Game Economy: $SURV tokens are designed to be utilized at the center of META CITY, allowing users to buy guns, vehicles, helicopters, boats, pets, and other items, as well as
receive staking incentives.

Metaverse: The metaverse of SURVIVE is divided into Meta City and the No-Go Area. You can buy land, villas, cars, animals, and more. In addition, you can interact and compete with your friends.

Build Your Squad: In SURVIVE, it’s possible to create a squad containing up to 100 other players and then fight together against zombies or other teams in the battle Arena.

Continuous Update: SURVIVE will be developed by our community of game enthusiasts and will be updated regularly with new features.

Augmented Reality: SURVIVE will incorporate augmented reality; it will provide players an interactive, real-world environment experience.

Features of $SURV Token

$SURV will be used in-game economy.

There is 14% tax fee:

  • 5%: Marketing wallet
  • 4%: Liquidity pool
  • 3%: Strategic Buyback
  • 2%: Rewards in $SURV Token to All Holders

For more detailed info, please read the White Paper.

Survive is backed by NFT Global. It is a Metaverse-NFT play-to-earn game.

We all know how popular metaverse and blockchain-based (NFT) games are. I don’t need to tell you that big companies are investing in this field.

SURVIVE is very ambitious. If you read its white paper, you will understand that it is a well-constructed and planned game.

The team passed KYC verification. They have also a smart contract audit.

According to the roadmap, the game will be released in Beta Version in Q2.

Please read the white paper, you will see, like me, that it has great potential. Don’t forget to check out SURVIVE.

(Not Financial Advice)

Presale ended

5163 BNB raised. Success

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