Tokenarium Project Review – $TKNRM Presale on PinkSale

Tokenarium is a tycoon play-to-earn browser game. $TKNRM is a new token on BNB Chain. Let’s deep dive into it.

Token Info

Project name: Tokenarium

Ticker/Symbol: TKNRM 

Contract address: 0xd6F97d97EdfA1A4ea8bE15714386455B19A67524

Network: BSC/BNB Chain

Total supply: TKNRM

Launchpad: PinkSale


Presales always have some risks. Please DYOR (do your own research)

Liquidity Lock Rate60% BNB raised
lock duration 365 days 
Softcap100 BNB
Max Owner Receive99 BNB
Min-Max Spend per Account
Presale price
Listing price
Presale vestingno vesting
KYC(by Pinksale)
Start2022.05.19 18:00 UTC
End2022.05.22 19:00 UTC

Token Distribution

Tokens For Presale: ≈ TKNRM

Tokens For Liquidity: ≈ TKNRM

Tokens For Private Sale: ≈< TKNRM (100 BNB hardcap)

Burn: (Tokens For Presale + Tokens For Liquidity) – Tokens For Private sale = Burn

Team tokens: NO TEAM TOKENS

Game-Fi Tokens: TKNRM

Game-Fi tokens distribution is limited by 2% per day.

Game-Fi tokens cannot be sent or withdrawn by contract owner, check.


  • KYC (by PinkSale)
  • Audit, check report
  • Ready game (testnet)
  • Ready marketplace (testnet)

About the team

  • Anonymous.

From White/Lite Paper

Tokenarium, the tycoon play-to-earn browser game where everyone can be a BSC token/project developer. While playing Tokenarium, you will earn $TKNRM tokens and level up your NFTs.

In Tokenarium, we show how project owners create their projects, and we give you that role to try this out and lead your one to the moon.

You can access it easily on any device because Tokenarium works directly in a browser. Just set your Metamask / Trustwallet, and you’re ready to go!

Tokenarium is a P2E game, which is built for crypto enthusiasts by crypto enthusiasts. It’s about token development. You hire team members, which are presented as NFTs, and then the team earns game points for your project-let’s say make it solid 😂 Then, you set presale parameters and start your presale. The only thing is you need to wait until the Hardcap is reached. So, it’s like in a real life, but it’s just a game.

Please read White Paper for more info.


Owner can change the fees up to 25% at max

In the Tokenarium game, players can generate tokens and create a project. Then they try to grow their projects. TKNMR token will be used in the game. Players will receive TKNMR tokens as a reward.

Those who want can play the game on the BSC / BNB chain testnet. After launch, the game will be published on the mainnet.

A partnership was established with the LootEx marketplace. The team has KYC(by PinkSale). They also have a smart contract audit.

The game is detailed and well prepared. The team’s marketing plan also looks good.

The team stated that they prepared a good marketing plan for after launch. In this way, they want to keep the price chart green after the fairlaunch.

You should check out this project.

(Not Financial Advice)

Presale ended

393 BNB was raised at fairlaunch. Succes

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