Turus Network Presale (ILO)

Teams, tokenomics and technical reviews about the Turus Network $TRS project are here.

They describe themselves:

Turus (TRS) is the underlying token powering the Turus Network ecosystem. Turus is a deflating supply protocol with a DAO function.

Launchpad AMM: Pancakeswap


Pre-Sale has some risks. Please DYOR (do your own research)

Liquidity Lock % 60 BNB raised liquidity lock
Lock duration: 3 months
ParticipationOpen to anyone
Softcap100 BNB
Hardcap1000 BNB
Max Spend per Account10 BNB
Presale Price10.000 TRS / per BNB
Listing Price9.000 TRS / per BNB
Audit(by @QuillAudits)
StartTue 20 Apr 17:07
EndWed 21 Apr 14:07

Total Supply: 50.000.000 TRS

it is good

  • Presale price is lower than listing price
  • % 60 liquidity lock rate
  • Audit report
    • no mint fuction

it is not good

  • No KYC

About the team

  • Anonymous

From White Paper

From Audit Report and web site:

  • Instant Fee Split: For every transaction carried out, holders of TRS earn a fraction from the total fees generated – thereby increasing their stake.
  • Burn Fee (reducing supply): At certain blocks, 2% of each transaction is taken out. 1% is distributed among all holders of TRS and the other 1% will be burned.
  • Staking: Deposit your crypto assets, earn the most optimised interest rates and have access to voting privileges on the Turus DAO platform.
  • NFT: TRS holders will get exclusive NFT’s by auction sales or by farming TRS and getting rewards that can be used to redeem cards.
  • Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO): This an entity in a digital system supported by intelligent contracts; comprising digital tools and protocols used to handle specific transactions or other elements a smart contract. Holders of the Turus Network governance token (TRS) through staking can make decisions, vote for ideas and receive rewards if those projects (ideas) yield profit.

First, let’s take a look at the dev. wallet: At first glance, the wallet looks huge. But when we look a little deeper, we see that it is different. 10% of the total supply 10,000,000 TRS is burned (link). 60% of dev. wallet, 1,800,000 TRS locked (link) for 10 months, 15,000,000 TRS tokens locked (link) for 10 months. Actually dev. wallet is not huge.

Audit to Smart contract is a very good indicator. Quill Audits, where they work as auditors, are known in the industry.
There is a cost to have an audit report. This shows that the team is work hard for the project. This is really important.

“Instant Fee Spling” is very attractive. For every transaction carried out, holders of TRS earn a fraction from the total fees generated. This feature encourages holders.

They aim to increase the value of the coin by balancing the total supply with Burn Fee (reducing supply). It is confirmed by audit report that there are no minting risks.

I like projects prepared by spending effort and money. It is obvious that the team has worked hard for the project and will continue to do so.

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