USDT DeFi Project Review – $USDTd Presale

USDT DeFi aims to create comprehensive DeFi Ecosystem. Let’s deep dive into it.

Token Info

Token name: USDT DeFi

Ticker/Symbol: USDTd

Contract address: 0x93D00A0fBd822F249458C5f973bee6C5248670a9

Network: BSC/BNB Chain

Total supply: 65.133.996.314 USDTd

Launchpad: PinkSale


Presales always have some risks. Please DYOR (do your own research)

Pancakeswap Liquidity Lock Rate51% BNB raised
lock duration: 730 days 
Softcap50 BNB
Min-Max Spend per Account
Presale price
Listing price
Initial Market Cap (estimate)
Presale vestingNo vesting
Start2022.10.26 15:00 UTC
End2022.10.29 15:00 UTC

Token Distribution

CEX listing37%locked

USDTd’s links:


  • KYCed by
  • Audit, check the report
  • Ready products(dApps)
  • Confirmed CEX listings(Bitmart and

About the team

  • Anonymous. The team has passed KYC, check

From White/Lite Paper

USDT-DeFi empowers users by providing all essential financial and DEFI tools under one roof. Usdt DeFi Drives Blockchain Adoption By Building A Fully Decentralized Cross-Chain, Swap, Bridge And Lending Protocol


USDT DeFi SWAP is an Automated Market Maker (AMM) and a decentralized exchange that’s part of a new ecosystem that allows for trading, compounding and yield farming.


Lend Market

The USDT-DEFI protocol is a combination of previous experiences of Compound and AAVE. Build the first cross-chain enabled money market. The fast USDT-DEFI protocol makes this possible.

The supply of liquidity and the borrowing are completed very quickly. A future with more cross-chains USDT-DEFI enabled assets. USDTd is expected to become a hub for decentralized transactions lend and borrow.


Cross Chain Communication protocol ( Visit : ) defines specifications for data transmission between ETH, BSC and polygons, allowing connections and data flows between chains. The following paragraphs describe the module functions and the data transfer procedure.


When trading on a decentralized exchange (DEX), users usually face the ultimate problem. It’s almost impossible. Buying a large amount of tokens without causing a price spike will result in unfavorable rates. The drop in price comes from the commonly used xyk liquidity model, where liquidity The trading pool is small.

Users experience the benefits of less slippage and less price impact. The amount you want to trade is very large and/or the liquidity available in your trading root pool is low.

USDT DeFi is a project that covers many tools. They have products such as Swap, Bridge, Lend Market, Auto-Trade used in DeFi. And these tools were released.

It is very important that the products are ready. I also think the DeFi space has great potential.

USDTd will also be listed on 2 CEX (BitMart and

The team is trying to build an effective DeFi ecosystem. It can be a long-term project.

The team has passed KYC. They also have an audit report.

You should check it out.

(Not Financial Advice)

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