W3bPush Presale (ILO) Review

Teamstokenomics and technical reviews about the W3bPush $W3B project ILO/IDO are in this article.

They describe themselves:

W3bpush a blockchain based notification service for all your cApps & dApps.

Launchpad AMM: UniSwap


Please DYOR (do your own research)

Liquidity Lock % 80 ETH raised liquidity lock
Lock duration: 2 months
ParticipationOpen to anyone
Softcap90 ETH
Hardcap120 ETH
Max Spend per Account4 ETH
Presale Price3.333,33333333 W3B / per ETH
Listing Price3.000 W3B / per ETH
StartApprox: Sun Wed 5 May 17:23
EndApprox: Mon Wed 5 May 19:25

Total supply: 1.000.000 W3B

it is good

  • %80 ETH raised liquidity
  • Presale price is lower than listing price.
  • Audit by Solid (report)
    • No mint function.
    • No low-medium-high severity issues

it is not good

  • No KYC

About the team

  • Anonymous

From White Paper

According to “Light Paper”, website and other sources:

  • Customised Notifications: W3bPush is a blockchain based notification service for all your cApps((twitter, facebook, instagram, binance) & dApps(Metamask, sollet, uniswap). You can customise your notifications with thresholds as per the requirement.
  • Improve the notification success rate to 100% from current 80% (average as per 2020 study) with help of Ethereum blockchain
  • Decentralised alerts powered by IPFS and using oracles to send notifications to centralised world applications
  • Why W3bPush: In the centralised world, users and companies are fed up of poor success rate of notifications ranging from 30% to 80%. It hits the businesses with huge loss of profit and opportunity cost. Targeting it with decentralised world provides 100% success rate and huge upside for businesses and users alike.

%80 ETH raised liquidity is very cool. It means that W3B will not have liquidity problems after being listed.

About dev. wallet/other: The team explain detailed about it. Ecosystem development, %10 of total supply, locked for 3 months. Team tokens, %18 of total supply, locked for 1 year (check it). Now team has only %0,1 of total supply (check it). And team use it to airdrop at gleam. We can say, after listed, W3B will not dump because of dev. wallet. It is an important point that investors look at.

In addition, I find it useful to have a certain ratio of team tokens in order to continue the project and develop the product. You can read a more detailed article about team tokens: ILO Tokenomics Analysis  : Team Tokens / Dev. Wallet

There are 2 parts of this project that are attractive and important:

1Audit: Unfortunately, some projects have features such as mint and proxy. This causes great losses to investors. W3B has audit. W3B has no mint, proxy or any negative code feature (check it).

2- The team detected a problem (poor success rate of notifications). They have an idea to fix this problem.

According to the roadmap, the beta version of the product will be launched in May. Android & IOS applications will be launched in June.

If you are interested in projects that provide a solution to a problem and offer a product, you should have a look at $W3B.

Presale ended.

120 ETH raised. hit hardcap within minutes.

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