What do Tokenomics parameters mean at Unicrypt Presales?

What do the tokenomics terms used in Unicrypt network presales mean? Hardcap, softcap, liquidity rate, lock time etc.

Each Presale (ILO) must lock between 30–100% of the raised currency as counter liquidity to the sale token. Softcap, Hardcap, Max Spend per Account, Presale Price, Listing Price.

What do Tokenomics parameters mean? Softcap, Hardcap and more
Liquidity lock rateIt shows at what rate the amount gathered in presale will be transferred to the Liquidity pool. If the presale success, the system automatically locks the determined rate in the liquidity pool.
Liquiditiy lock timeIt indicates how long the liquidity pool locked by the system will remain locked.
ParticipationPrivate/whitelisted accounts or open to anyone
SoftcapSoftcap is determined by the project owner. It refers to the minimum amount that Presale has to collect in order to be listed on DEXs(Uniswap, Pancakeswap, etc.)
HardcapHardcap is determined by the project owner. It is the maximum amount that the project can collect in presale. When hardcap is reached, the presale ends.
Max spend per accountIt refers to the maximum amount an account can receive in presale.
Presale pricePrice determined for presale. Usually cheaper than listing price to encourage investors.
Listing priceListing price at DEX(Uniswap, Pancakeswap, etc.). It should not be forgotten that the price is determined by the market immediately after listing.
Start/end timeThe start and end dates of the pre-sale. It can be a few hours or up to 2 weeks.

Before investing in a project, it is very important to research its Tokenomic well. Because the liquidity pool size, listing price and other parameters directly affect the price chart of the coin.

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