What is Fairlaunch as a Crypto Presale Type? Some Evaluations

Many sales types are used in Crypto presales. ICO, IDO, IEO, Seed Sale, Private Sale, etc

Fairlaunch is used in decentralized IDO launchpads: Pinksale and Gempad.

What is Fairlaunch Presale?

There is no hardcap, only softcap. In other words, projects can collect funds unlimited. Anyone can participate in this sale. This type of sales is actually useful for project owners. An unlimited hardcap with a little softcap is very attractive. Especially projects that obtain HYPE can collect large amounts of funds.

There are 3 main problems for investors;

  1. Since anyone who wants to participate in the presale, the buy pressure at launch is low.
  2. Max contribution is unlimited. Projects can set max contribution limit. But many of them don’t set max contribution limit. So it can create some whales.
  3. Teams can make self-contribution to fill softcap and create fake Hype. The main problem comes here. Most of these teams sell the tokens right after launch. Because they sell many tokens, it causes a big dump. So token dies in the first hours.

In this case, investors who participate in the presale lose much.

What you need to pay attention to for Fairlaunch;

  • Self-Contributions
  • Big Contributes (Whales)
  • Real Hype or Fake Hype

You can check all contributions at “Fairlaunch “Presale Address”.

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Of course, there are also projects that make fairlaunch and perform well. Successful projects generally have 3 features:

Not many funds are raised
Not self-contributions
Marketing after launch

Investment can be made to those who meet these three criteria from the projects that make fairlaunch. Of course, always DYOR


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