Work X Project Review

Work X is a decentralised job platform fueled by $WORK token. Let’s dive deep into it.

Work X is the first decentralized job economy that allows people to collaborate without commercial middlemen like UpWork or Indeed, enabling AI Job matching empowering both talent and employers without the need to possess Web3 knowledge.

Token Info

Token name: Work X

Ticker/Symbol: WORK

Contract address: TBA

Network: Ethereum and BNB Chain

Total supply: 100.000.000 WORK

Presales always have some risks. Please DYOR (do your own research)

Presale Information

Presale price$0,17 – $0,176
Listing price$0,20
Initial Market Cap (ex liq)$90k
Presale vesting10% TGE, linear over 9 months
Start2022-09-04 11:00 am UTC
End2022-09-11 11:00 am UTC

Token Distribution

Allocation%Unlocked TGEVesting(months)
Seed Round22,5%0%18
DAO Treasury15%0%60
Ecosystem & Community15%0%60
Platform Incentives10%0%60
Advisory Board2,5%0%24
Private sale2,5%0%12
Public sale2,5%10%9

Sale Prices

DescriptionSeed RoundPrivate SalePre-salePublic Sale
Linear vesting18 months12 months9 months9 months
TGE unlock0%0%10%10%
Price range$03096 – $0.08$0,156 – $0,14$0,166 – $0,16$0,186 – $0,18

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  • Launching Enterprise Client APG (538 bln. AUM): Completed paid pilot
  • Funded by European Commission
  • Raised 3M USD – Runway: 36 months
  • 10+ Hackathon prizes (Aave, 1inch, WalletConnect, VeChain & more)
  • Working product utilizing AI Assistant – Team building since 2017
  • 50+ Corporates planning to use Work X (Deloitte, PwC, KPMG & more) 

About the team

  • Rik Rapmund – CEO – Building blockchain tech since 2012 & was selected among the top 500 tech talents in 🇳🇱 under the age of 30.
  • Daniel de Witte – CTO – In the space since 2010, coding for over 30 years, and has international experience as a lead at a large logistics company.
  • Patrick Storchenegger – Executive board member Ethereum Foundation.

From White/Lite Paper

The goal of Work X is to create an economically optimal efficient platform for any type of work with any contract where commissions are minimized and salaries optimized. Additionally, Work X will aim to match supply and demand
through a ground breaking technology platform called Work X Platform. The Work X Platform and its various services can be accessed by the token of Work X ($WORK). User have to possibility to interact with the Work X Platform using have the possibility to interact with the Work X Platform with that token.

WORK Token Utility

The $WORK token is intended to provide digital access to the platform by
means of a blockchain-based infrastructure. In this paragraph we will shortly
summarize the different use-cases to answer the question how the token has
utility. In the near future we will present additional token use-cases so stay

  • Token Utility 1: Get Access to Platform Services
    • To access services on the Work X Platform such as posting jobs, skill
      assessments, development courses, the AI-Assistant, and many other services on the platform, users need to possess the $WORK token. Other examples of costs we need to add to our transaction fee requirements are for example AI tokens, running servers, development grants, etc.
  • Token Utility 2: Collateral for Job Listings
    • To make sure that all job listings comply with the code of conduct of the platform, tokens have to be deposited.
  • Token Utility 3: $WORK Platform Support Rewards
    • Users of the platform who hold $WORK tokens and add to the liquidity will be rewarded with $WORK tokens within an NFT for their support of the platform and community. As they are contributing more to the maintenance and continuation of the platform, they are important for the future of the platform and deserve to be rewarded.
  • Token Utility 4: Platform NFT’s
    • When users get achievements on the Work X platform they will be rewarded with an NFT that holds an amount of $WORK tokens. By holding and adding to the liquidity of the $WORK token, they will be rewarded with an appealing APR on top of their tokens.

Work X is an innovative project that aims to solve a real problem.

The team of the project consists of experienced and well-known names in their field. The project has been in development for a long time. And they have achieved many important successes (such as receiving funding from the European Commission, development of the WorkX platform, etc)

WORK token will have a greta utility on the platform.

In summary; the team is professional and experienced, the project idea is good, tokenomics is good, the potential is high. A project that meets all the important criteria.

Also, the starting market cap is low, around $90k. You can participate in the presale for 18% discounted price and bonus rewards.

You should definitely check out this project

(Not Financial Advice)

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