Zethan Project Review

Zethan is a decentralized gaming ecosystem built on zkSync which is a layer-2 protocol. Let’s dive deep into it.

Token Info

Token name: ZethanToken

Ticker/Symbol: ZETH

Contract address: 0x08B466bA5736BC8257754BC215CbdF4b527b281b

Network: zkSync

Total supply: 100.000.000 ZETH

Presales always have some risks. Please DYOR (do your own research)

Presale Information

The team doesn’t make a token sale. Instead, there will be NFT sale/mint. The team will use 50% of those funds to create LP for token.

Token Distribution

Liquidity & marketing10%

NFT Information

NFT holders will get ZETH airdrop.

  • Name: Zethanx zNFT
  • Max supply: 5000
  • Mint price: 0.018 ETH
  • Minimum airdrop value: 2200 ZETH (vested and distributed monthly)
  • ZETH listing price: $0.15
  • Mint date: 5 June, 2023

Note: Price increases by 5% for every 100 units sold. 50% of generated revenue will be used for liquidity and 50% for development.

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  • KYCed by idopresales.com
  • Ready game and dapps
  • Utilities

About the team

  • The team has passed idopresales.com KYC, check

From White/Lite Paper

Zethan is a decentralized gaming ecosystem built on Zksync powered by Zethanx NFTs. It’s an excellent place for Web3 gaming enthusiasts.

The best part is that not only will players have a great time playing these games, but they will also have a chance to earn $ZETH rewards.

As a gamer, having new games to choose from is always exciting. Game developers are encouraged to plug in their games through our SDK, meaning there will always be new games to try out.


ZETH Token

The $ZETH token is Zethan in-game currency, deployed on Zksync, a token earned and used by players in the Zethan ecosystem.

In addition, Players receive rewards through $ZETH, which will encourage adoption and growth.

Zethanx zNFT

Zethanx is A yield-generating NFT that doubles as a digital asset, an ecosystem NFT minted by early supporters of the Zethan Project.

Every game has a unique NFT that can be redeemed through Zethanx. For example, if the ecosystem games are around 20, Each Zethanx holder will have access to at least 20 NFTs to claim.


Zethan Marketplace is a decentralized exchange where users can freely buy or sell Zethanx NFTs using ETH as a means of exchange. The Zethanx Marketplace accepts only ETH as a form of payment.


Alien Raid: It is live. Space is yours; be prepared to airstrike aliens and fight for liberty. Aliens are on their way, and the sound of war is raging! Now rule the space by going on a solo mission!

Ulam Runner: Coming soon.

Zapper Attack: Coming soon.

Third-Party Games: Zethan ecosystem has attracted the attention of more than two projects, which will commence full-scale operations within our ecosystem soon.

Zethan aims to be at the center of the game ecosystem in the zkSync network.

The project develops its own games. At the same time, other developers will be able to release their games in Zethan. In this way, Zethan aims to be a game hub in zkSync.

Half of the revenues obtained from zNFT mints will be used for ZETH Token LP.

If the project can attract the attention of developers, the project may grow quickly in zkSync.

Don’t forget to check it out.

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