April Token Project Review-Presale (ILO) on Unicrypt

Teams, tokenomics and technical reviews about the April Token $APRIL project are here.

They describe themselves:

April is an ultra fast blockchain oracle focused on the emerging internet of blockchain world. Current oracles in the market are too slow to provide for applications which require super fast real world data on-chain in a trustless manner.

Launchpad AMM: PancakeswapV2

Contract address: 0xbfeA674ce7d16E26E39e3c088810367a708eF94C


Pre-Sale has some risks. Please DYOR (do your own research)

Liquidity Lock % 75 BNB raised liquidity lock
Lock duration: 11 months
Participationnot private
Softcap50 BNB
Hardcap445 BNB
Max Spend per Account5 BNB
Presale Price17.977,52808989 APRIL / per BNB
Listing Price17.977,52808989 APRIL / per BNB
StartWed 18 May 20:10
EndMon 31 May 20:10

Total supply: 125.000.000 APRIL

it is good

  • % 75 BNB raised liquidity
  • 11 months liquidity lock time
  • Audit + KYC

it is not good

  • Hude dev. wallet
  • 11% Tokenomics

About the team

  • Anonymous.

From White Paper

Price and market data are updated in real time speed. The time lag from off-chain to on-chain is measured in milliseconds.

  • Blockchain-Based Service Network (BSN): April is focused on the BSN ecosystem and will provide high speed oracle data to smart contracts running on or connected to this network.
  • Newb/Nxtty Community Allocation: Those who hold NEWB/NXTTY tokens will be distributed 20% of the APRIL token base. This distribution is because April project was created out of the Newb/Nxtty projects. Distribution to NEWB/NXTTY token holders will begin after year 1 as outlined in the long-term token lock and release schedule.

APRIL had previously planned and launched a presale. But then they canceled the presale. They renewed their smart contracts and tokenomic.

About team token/wallet: 6,4%(8.000.000) of total supply for sale and 4,7%(5.892.000) of total supply for liquidity. Totaly 100.000.000 APRIL was locked for different times. Now team has 11.108.000 APRIL. This is very bad planned tokenomics.

First of all, Tokenomics is only %11. it is too small. It is true that dev. needs fund to development and marketing. But this is too much.

Marketing+development+airdrop= 51% of total supply. 20% Newb/Nxtty community allocations.

I did a little search for NEWB/NXTTY. I have found nothing except dead coins. Maybe I didn’t search enough. If you have a information about NEWB/NXTTY, please let me know and update article.

April had no demand for bad tokenomics during the previous presale. Again, I don’t understand why they are making the same mistake. Moreover, this time they have audit and KYC.
They simply hold more unlocked tokens than they offer for sale. Not to mention the huge amount of tokens that are locked for a certain period of time. So many tokens and so little liquidity.
My advice to those who are considering investing in APRIL: Understand the token distribution thoroughly and think about what the liquidity will be like.

Presale ended

445 BNB collected. hit hardcap. success

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