Crypto Presale News: 2023 February-1

Let’s look at significant events and developments about IDO Launchpads.


GemPad has started to support Meter Network, Bitgert Chain, MuuChain, BabyDoge Swap

GemPad offers a “Staking Pool” tool:

With GemPad staking anyone can set up a pool, you don’t have to speak to the team and the best part, you don’t even have to do any coding. You can set any token as the reward, giving you options of paying out in multiple different reward schedules.

The fee is 1 BNB and 2% of the deposited rewards. 2% will be saved for aidrops for GemPad Alphas and other campaigns.


DxSale has started to announce partnerships with some Marketing Firms. And they add partners to their docs, check it.

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