Elf Matrix Project Review – $EMT Presale on Kommunitas

Elf Matrix is a play-to-earn game that is inspired by classics like CryptoKitties and Pokemon. $EMT is a new coin on BSC/BNB Chain. Let’s deep dive into it.

Token Info

Project name: Elf Matrix

Ticker/Symbol: EMT

Contract address: TBA

Network: Binance Smart Chain (BSC)

Total supply: 300.000.000 EMT

Launchpad: Kommunitas


Presales always have some risks. Please DYOR (do your own research)

ParticipationPublic (need to stake KOM token)
Hardcap150.000 USDC (Polygon)
Min-Max Spend per AccountTBA
Presale price0,05 USDC
Listing priceTBA
Initial Market Cap$217.000
Vesting10% TGE, then linear vesting in 6 months
KYC(by Kommunitas)
Start17 June 2022 09:00 UTC
Listing on Pancakeswap21 June

Elf Matrix will be on some launchpads too: Polygen(private sale), ERAX, ZELWIN, DaoStarter, ACY Finance, AXL, RoseonPad, Paragen, iotexpad, Diviner Protocol, Gagarin, Liquidifty

There are 3 steps in a Kommunitas Presale-Public Sale (IDO)

Booster 1 : Guaranteed Allocation based on your Kommunitas token (KOM) Staked

Booster 2 : The same Allocation, multiply by unsold token of Booster 1

FCFS Round : First Come First Serve with Min and Max Purchase only for KOM Stakers before the Last Staking Period of each sale. The number of tokens sold in this FCFS round is the unsold token from Booster 2.

Note: For the Presale/ Public Sale, only KOM Stakers (at least 100 KOM) can participate in the FCFS Round. 1 KOM= 0.002$ approx

KOM token contract, Polygon network: 0xC004e2318722EA2b15499D6375905d75Ee5390B8

How to Participate in Presale on Kommunitas

Token Distribution

Seed Sale3.33%5% TGE, then linear vesting in 15 months
Private Sale6%Price: $0,035
8% TGE, then linear vesting in 12 months
Presale(IDOs)5%Price: $0,050.
10% TGE, then linear vesting in 6 months
Airdrop1,17%3 months lock, then linear vesting in 12 months
Partnerships/Advisors5,83%3 months lock, then linear vesting in 18 months
Play-to-earn18,33%3 months lock, then linear vesting in 36 months
Team18,33%3 months lock, then linear vesting in 18 months
Staking & Rewards23,33%lock at TGE, linear vesting in 36 months
Development Treasury9%lock at TGE, linear vesting in 36 months
Liquidity (DEX & CEX)6,67%Release as per demand


  • KYC (by Kommunitas)
  • Audit by CERTIK, report
  • There are good partnerships

About the team

  • Anonymous.
  • KYCed by Kommunitas Launchpad.

From White/Lite Paper

A Play-to-Earn NFT Game which is being built on BSC&Polygon for nearly instant transaction with almost no fees. It will be playable in App form, launching on PC, Mac, Android, and eventually on IOS. All in-game items and creatures will be blockchain-based tokens and NFTs.

Visuals and gameplay are inspired by classics like CryptoKitties and Pokemon. Players will be immersed in an ancient and mysterious alien planet called Matrix, where they can summon and collect cute elves, and battle with them to earn crypto rewards. Additionally, players can own NFT land plots in Matrix to build their own elven kingdom, where they can get rare resources and tokens.

For more info, you should read the White Paper.

It has been stated that the founders of the team are core community members of Axie Infinity and CryptoKitties. Also, this game is being built by a company with 30 full-time employees.

The project will do IDO on 12 launchpads. It will make a private sale on 1 launchpad. In this way, it will reach a very large audience.

The game is scheduled to be released in Q3 2022.

  • The game is not ready yet
  • IDO on 12 launchpads
  • General situation of the market

For the above reasons, if very good marketing/promotion is not done after launch, it may not perform well in the short term.

But with the release of the game and attracting players, it may perform well in the medium-long term.

(Not Financial Advice)

Presale ended

It filled hardcap. Success

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